Casual Weapons looking for new swords ⚔

Are you looking to kick some 10/11* titans in the knees? Do you want to participate in wars with a simple strategy and no micromanagement? Want to meet people from all over the world? Want to be able to finish the titan part of PoV without alliance hopping? Then check out Casual Weapons!

We do our best to win wars and take down titans. We’re also good at supporting each other, helping with strategy, etc.

Trophy requirements are 1600, but that is flexible if you are motivated.

We do have Line and can be found on, but you aren’t required to use them.

We are looking for players that log in daily and will help out consistently with titans. Wars are optional, we just ask that you use all your flags if you opt into war.

For wars we usually use green tanks. Don’t have a great green tank, no worries, we’ll happily work with you!

We currently have 3 spots to fill and hope you will be the newest member of our alliance.

See you on the battlefield! :crossed_swords:

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We are currently full, thanks for looking!

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