Capt of diamonds worth final ascension

I just want a 5* green not named Horghall :frowning:

12 tonics…

I been praying to the rng gods for any red 5* i have none and 18 rings lol

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I have now pulled 3 horghall, have eaten 2 and the other sits lonely at #8 on the priority list for tonics… (ahead of Kadilen 1 & 2)


I actually maxed Kadlien because I had 17 tonics at the time and we face a lot of blue tanks.


No shame in it. You play with what you have. The game just decided to bless me with 15 nature 5*

4/80: Lianna, Greg, Evelyn, Yunan, Hatter
3/70: Alby, Eve2, Eve3, Eve4, Kadilen
1/1: Lianna2, Greg2, Elkanen, Horghall, Kadilen2

Tonics priority: Alby, Eve2 – planning beyond that is insane.

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Kadilen is a very good hero. One of my most appreciated replies was referring to her :slight_smile: -> Why is nothing being done about Kadilen's Eclipse Shield special?

I was working on 2nd eve til i pulled elk few days ago lol

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I am curently leveling him (paused for Wilbur), but I like what he does, as he attacks a new random enemy if he destroys any minion, so he is kind of a 4* minion Finley.

He also was sittiing at 1/1 since February.

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I have him. He is maxed and has some emblems and I have yet to be impressed by him. And other then titan teams and war teams he doesn’t get used much

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Well considering Wonderland is the next event with the X-Mas event right around the corner then yes I would say he is worth it for the minion control. Imo he is a case of if you need it and don’t have it, you sing a different tune. He also isn’t as squishy as Gobbler is.

I like Captain’s animation. One of the best in the game. This is good reason to max him and use him from time to time, I think.

Just ascended him last week just for being there and everybody has to be maxed for the collection.
I never used him, but had 4 capes and no tele.
I don’t think he’ll be very useful, but he may come to beat Delilah some day.

Just used my capes might as well I’ll use him fron time to time i guess lol couldncone in handy in AW against minions heros


On yesterday’s war I faced a Santa Tank with MN flank (minion heavy defense).

He did not hit hard, but took care of a resurrected Santa and almost killed MN with two hits (on a good day he kills 5 minions plus one additional hit if I remember correctly from a YouTube video I saw).

Bottomline, he is not a game changer, but if you are already covered with the basic 4* blue heroes and have enoughr capes, he is definitely worth it, at least for wars.

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I just finished my Capt of Diamonds and dropped a few emblems on him for fun. He’ll be great to have in reserve.


Puss N Boots is red and getting released soon. Those who scoff at Captain of Diamonds will have to look at red minion-generators once again.


so. just sayin. You all “did okay before” but if you have a weapon, why not use it?


Delilah is sth like my nightmare and I brought CoD against her minions. It worked.


Here’s a nice sample.
Imo he was worth it.
Pair him with def down.
Minion killer & hits okay.

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Iv just got him but have a lot of blue anyways! will take to 3/60 and decide as lack compasses and other projects will take priority.

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OK, nice sample… he is now in my que project level list:


I am actually thinking I may dump Vodnik’s 18 emblems and put them on CoD.

I will use CoD way more than Vodnik. Right now Cap has 3 emblems.


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