Why is nothing being done about Kadilen's Eclipse Shield special?

Right now Kadilen is possibly the most worthless 5* hero. Her special is so mechanically awful and doesn’t seem to work. There’s no information available about how or whether it stacks with other defensive buffs, and she hits so soft she cant even destroy a single minion on a max level 5*.

First, the damage still dealt by snipers like Joon, Lianna, Sartana, Alasie is still massive…it doesn’t feel like your hero gets the full effect of that +74% defense against special skills. Also, what impact or how does the RNG calculate damage if you have both Kadilen & another defensive buff active (like Khagan’s, Vivica’s, or Kiril’s).

I need answers, Small Giant!


When I meet her in raids, I can feel the difference, after she was buffed last year. Her damage is exactly how it should be for a fast AoE. What do you want for a fast AoE? 250%? :slight_smile:
Besides the protection against special skills works as well. Sometimes I lose my debuffer early in the battle and if I hit her with my specials when her protection is on, is like I would hit Seshat when has minions. She is fine like is she now, for a classic fast AoE. Of course, this is my opinion. I guess the players who have her, wouldn’t agree.


First off, you’re comparing her to snipers, which is inaccurate. She’s an AoE attacker. All the others you list hit a single target, so of course there’s a trade off.

Kadilen is very sturdy in defense if she has emblems. I have found her AoE attack particularly devastating when I (the attacker) have an ailment. A Kunchen tank being the most common situation I’m running into so far. It really hurts when she fires after him.

Lastly, her mana speed is identical to Evelyn’s, which makes for a reasonable one-two punch if you lack a top shelf green sniper (as I do). It is more than serviceable in a war hit or raid.


If an attacker special has X amount of attack stat (including troops, special percentage and attack buffs), and a defending hero has Y amount defense (including troops and defense buffs) then the damage dealt on latter will be 100x(X/Y)^1.35=Z (say). With Kadilen special active the defense stat of defending hero becomes 1.74Y. Therefore, the attack damage dealt will now be 100x(X/1.74Y)^1.35=0.47xZ.

Thus, her defense special reduces the damage by more than 50%, that is a lot. So if your hero would have taken 1000 damage from a special, then with Kadilen buff that hero would now take around 500 damage. :slight_smile: slight_smile:

Plus as everyone has already pointed out that she is an AoE hitter so ofcourse her damage will be much less than snipers. You typically need to fire her after some defensive debuff (Evelyn, Kunchen, Wilbur etc). So she is definitely not bad. Plus she has fast mana which is nice. :slight_smile:


I’m not comparing her to snipers. I’m saying when her special is active, that the snipers’ attacks against your heroes still hit harder than they should. I’ve had Kadilen & Vivica special on and still been hit for 800-900 by a Lianna with no attack buffs

I usually use her with a debuff like Gormek or Wilbur AND an attack buff like Boldtusk or Kiril. But she can’t even kill a minion. That’s ridiculous. I’m not asking for a huge buff to damage. But unaided (no buffs/debuffs), any 5* attack should at least kill ONE minion…even a fast mana AoE.

Anyone have the math to explain how the AI and RNG handle your heroes’ defense when you activate a Kiril, Vivica, or Khagan defensive buff at the same time?

Consider, maybe Lianna is emblemed? because Ranger can bypass defense buff and counter attack.


Lianna pierced. It bypasses all defensive buffs.


If you are interested in the details of how damage control works please read this thread. This is what I used to show you the calculations. :slight_smile:


Kadilen is quite strong on defense. Calling her one of the worst heroes in the game seems incredibly inaccurate.


I would have to say you are correct about her being ok on a DEFENSIVE squad. But everyone becomes stronger when on defense due to the built-in 20% defense team buff.

Also, many posters about Lianna possibly bypassing may be correct, but I feel that all the snipers still hit pretty hard when I have both Vivica and Kadilen active. So it makes me wonder about the relationship of the 2 buffs being active at once? If I’m getting hit for 800-900 by several different snipers (that don’t have bypass ability) - it can’t possibly mean that they would have overkilled me to 1600-1800hp without Kadilen’s special being active. Nobody hits that hard.

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I am familiar with the damage formulas…that’s why I feel Kadilen is not functioning correctly. I’m frequently hit by snipers for 800+ even with Kadilen’s special active.

The last one to be activated is the one that is counted. They do not stack.


Thank you. I think this is the key that I’ve been looking for. I often Raid with Viv & Kadilen stacked with Lianna in the lineup if the enemy has a blue tank.

Every AoE becomes more devastating when you stack with a same color de-buffer or Kunchen. That doesn’t make them great, that means they need big bro or big sis to be effective.

I really like her… but being green — it makes no sense to me that she blocks no dot damage, given the description

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Also, I guess we are to assume similar buffs & de-buffs never stack unless the hero’s card says they do - even if the icons are different. That’s what had me wondering…Kadilen’s buff icon is unique and appears along with Viv’s or Kiril’s. Whereas, if I activate Viv and then a Kiril, the icon stays the same, but Kiril’s lower defense buff is what you’ll see if you long press your hero for stats.

According to this thread, normal defense buffs should stack with Kadilen’s special defense buff:

However, Kadilen’s extra defense only applies to special skills, so it doesn’t show up as an increased defense stat like a normal defense buff does.


This simply can’t be the case. And that’s what had me wondering if Kadilen was not functioning as intended.

Case in point, I literally JUST had a raid where I activated Kadilen and then Vivica. BOTH of their +Def icons were active when the enemy’s unbuffed (not boosted) Marjana hit my Alice with +20% Def troops + the 2 buffs. That means my Alice (if the Def buffs stacked) had a Defensive stat of 1880!!! during the strike. Marjana hit her for 546. The math doesn’t add up. The Marjana was Talent+7 with +23% attack troops + the natural 20% raid buff. Her attack stat was ~998

Seems like 546 is a heckuva hit against 1880 defense stat

That is really strange and definitely your Alice shouldn’t have taken that much damage. According to damage calculation formula, the following are the damage that Alice should have taken with different combos.

Both Vivica and Kadilen buff

Damage = 100×((699×1.23×1.2×4.58)÷(714×1.2×1.63×1.74))^1.35 = 245

Only Kadilen buff

Damage = 100×((699×1.23×1.2×4.58)÷(714×1.2×1.74))^1.35 = 474

Only Vivica buff

Damage = 100×((699×1.23×1.2×4.58)÷(714×1.2×1.63))^1.35 = 518

With no defense buffs

Damage = 100×((699×1.23×1.2×4.58)÷(714×1.2))^1.35 = 1002

So what you reported seems closest to the one with only Vivica buff. Definitely something is off.

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