Canadian Alliance Merger

CANADA4ALL is looking to merge with another alliance.

  • Currently we have 16 active members and are looking for an active casual alliance to join with. I’m not sure all 16 would merge.
  • Our alliance is over 2 years old and we have an MIA leader, so we would be looking to move.
  • We are mainly Canadians but have gained members from all over.
  • Many of us have multiple teams over 4000 power and are level 50 or higher.
  • We’re currently hitting 7 and 8 * titans.
  • Real life comes first for us but we do play daily, hit titans and participate in wars.
  • Our players are more casual than competitive.
  • We chat in the game, no line for us.

If you have a small alliance and think we could be a fit we’d love to hear from you!



We have some space at Assassins Inc for your active members. We are not Canadian, we have people from all over the world including Canada I believe. We encourage growth for all of our members and everyone is really helpful. We use Line but it is not a requirement. We use the game chat often.

Here is some more info Join us, Assassins Inc!

Give me a message and we can chat about everything :slight_smile:

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Hi Bethalina

Our alliance has similar values to yours, the only thing is we
are hitting 5* titans but would like to recruit more members
to level up and our members are from various locations as well


SuperTORD and Friends are looking for new members. We are also open for merges. If you are interested, let me know

We are a 2 alliance family and pride ourselves on being both Casual & Competitive. Between us both, we could accommodate you.

Fun & active, experienced & social.
Because right fit is important, we encourage the exchange of emissaries. We’re flexible. Let’s talk!


Hope to hear from you soon.
Contact me, Ice Saber, at saberofempires or Rook at chibipotato16

Thanks for all the replies! We are discussing the options.


I do think Assassins Inc would be a good fit from what you posted. Give us a go :slight_smile:

We have some space! Give us a look!

@silentjay Our alliance thinks we could be a good fit. I’m not sure if there is a private message option to chat more?


Hi Bethalina14 . I’m Ads, co-leader of Hall of Legend. It is awesome that you guys are considering joining our Alliance. If your allliance has decided and is keen to join us, just send a request and we will add your team. Myself, Silentjay and the team can accept. Looking forward to chatting further on the Alliance chat. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Ads2. Can you just confirm your rules before you kick people out? Do you have a war strategy? And how do we send a request? Thanks.

Bethalina14, currently our only rule is if a member doesn’t participate within 7 days, we do give them notice, either our leader or co-leader demote the player from elder to member, then they are kicked out of the Alliance after 3 days if they still do not participate. As for war strategies, we would appreciate your input. I have had a look at your Alliance and you would continue to be a co-leader if you are keen. As for joining the Alliance, it is an invite request. Your team must search for our Alliance in the game Alliance Tab - Hall of Legend and request to join as we are an invite only Alliance.

Thanks! It sounds like most of the members are on board with merging over to you guys. Once the war is over on Sunday we will move over, I’ll let you know on here if that changes. There could be up to 17 people depending on who all decides to leave. We have some people who don’t participate in the chat, so no way to know if they’re on board or not.


These sre real nice people but they do seem to steal my tiles when fighting titans

We tick all your boxes! We are nine players. No line. We are currently hitting 6 and 7* Titans with consistent play. All war flags played if opted in but can opt out. Talk is friendly and supportive. Most in 4000 range. Life comes first! We are called The Fifth Element and our leader is Lilu. We can take all of you and create a blended alliance. Come visit and mention this discussion in the forum.

We are a long established playing group and would be happy to discuss a merge with you. Line me @ lilly_frogg if interested

Bethalina14 that is awesome news! Good Luck in the war and looking forward to the merge! :slight_smile:

For those looking for a bit of a challenge check us out at ♤Witchers and Witches♤. See if we may fit what your looking for.

Thanks everyone, we’ve merged.

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