Calculate Hero Attack and Received Damage

Lets say I have Frida Her status;
Attack : 561
Defense: 553
Health : 1018

her skill is full and I will attack to an other Frida at enemy side with Same Status
Special skill is %290 so 561 x 290/100 = 1626.9

Question 1; How will this total attack will effect on other side Frida (with 561 at, 553 def, 1018 health. ignore nearby damage )
Question 2; What if I attack with same status an other hero but red one?
Question 3;* as Expected with same status but green hero

İs there a doc. to analyse these critical match turning steps.

Hi :slight_smile:

Answer 1: Here’s a thread that discusses damage calculation: Damage Calculation

Answer 2: Special skills usually don’t do more/less damage if you attack a weak element hero (e.g. blue vs. red or blue vs. green). There are some specials tho that deal extra damage against the weak element (e.g. Gravemaker, Hel, Mok-Arr, Athena, …). If so, it is explicitly stated in the special skill description though.

Answer 3: There is no special skill (yet?) that deals less damage against the weak element.


Gracias. I knew someone will save me from suffer. Still confusing but we have a point to think.

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