Brynhild needs a nerf. Woolerton needs Buff

With alot of fights i find that Brynhild for a 4* is to powerfull.

Think about it. This Easter we got our first 4* healer in Yellow, she was fast, healed 40% daamn. But she had obe thing. Manastop on her self, For 2 turns. Thats good for a fast healer. Balance yes.

And now you have Brynhild. 37% heal, Fast, manaBUFF, anti disspell and defence against special skill.

I belive that this is a lill much for a fast mana hero.

If we go back to lady woolenton, 40% against Brynhilds 37%.
Manastopp on self vs mana buff + specialskill def and anti debuff.

For healing 3% less She got all that extra. I belive a Nerf is the way to go here.

Nerf Bryn, buff wool.

Yeah, don’t know why all but 1 in Easter have a negative effect to them. They really need to nerf tudan since we are on that subject. I hate tudan.


wool 5 man heal, bryn only nearbies.


Brynhild only affects the heroes next to her, which is a significant difference that needs to be noted in the debate.


All the Easter heroes are designed to be a bit OP but with an Achilles heal.

I consider lady Woolerton to be a superb hero and I think she would be one of the most desirable 4* event heroes.

She heals just 2% less than the average speed healers like Rigard and Melendor.


Agreed with all of this. Heal for near vs heal for all is a big difference.
The mana stop for 2 turns is something that can be mitigated with a bit of strategising, and any extra strategising you can do in this game adds to the enjoyment of it


seriously stop asking for unfavorable changes in the heroes, just because they have a hard time defeating them, stop complaining and see the way to defeat them


That is a good point. Still we have a 4* hero that has Fast mana and 3 extra effects. Still a significant difference to any other 4* healer. Closet to compair to is kashrek who only does 8% higher heal, adds def towards red attacks. But he is average. The costume of his is also average and only does 2 boosts.
Rigards costume(one of the best in my opin) heals over time and does 2 other things, he is also average.

I just cant see why Bryn should be this Op.

In addition, Lady Woolerton is the only fast healer that heals all in an instant. Her self-ailment may be minimized by embleming her (getting to the 15th node would be better to have a higher chance for the manashield to be activated) or nullifying such self-ailment by either having the skills of Poseidon or Grazul fire first before she activates her healing or have Guardian Gazelle fire before or after the sheep. I don’t mind if Devs buff her but she is already one fine hero for me without requiring buffs. As for Brynhild, some already have claimed her usefulness even though I rarely use mine that much. I don’t think she is as strong as the OP claimed to be needing a nerf. As pointed out by some posters above, Brynhild only affects herself and nearby while Woolerton heals all and inflicts non-mana regen to herself only.


Ofc you can Learn every hero and how to defeat them. That is how ive played the last 2 years. But it doesnt change the fact that some heroes are way stronger than others. (Not stating this compare in this post as facts but ment as for example Vlad and Bjorn)

Yet I find woolteron useful more than brynhild, no need to change!

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This is a nice strat you charing. It takes another hero tho to get this going but I like it. Bryn stands strong alone without the help or boosts from others. A fast 4* with that many effects is for me a mystery.

I was more referring to the fact that playing heroes with nuances in their specials makes it a bit more challenging and therefore more satisfying.

In regards to Bryn, I actually don’t think she is OP. She is quite easy to defeat in defense and in offense I use her but she doesn’t blow me away. To nearby specials are a bit limiting and -24% mana on enemy is a lot more powerful than +24% on friend (and is not felt in the first round of special firing). The prevention of buff removals I also don’t feel but that is probably because I don’t use any buff giving heroes in my green stack. The fast heal is good but again - just to 3. I have also found her very frail in non emblem form and think she should have been more of a tank build than an attacking build

Overall a good hero, but just that


Plus, if you emblem Woolerton, more often than not, she blocks her own manablock. Would it be nice if she cleansed as well? Obviously. But she is a very solid hero in my mind.

With Brynhild only affecting 3, you are almost guaranteed to be taking a second healer with you. So she will likely only see action on Arrow Attack wars for me.

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If the +24 mana doesnt affect as much as you say, would you care of its removal?

I would not… why do you ask?

Almost everybody in the forum knows it.

Well, we attack with 5 heroes and not only 1, don’t we? This is the reason why learning hero synergy is a great tool to have. So far, I have Gazelle and Poseidon able to nullify Woolerton’s self-ailment. I have two monoyellow teams but only one sheep. I’ll have to settle the slow S3 angry pig for healing instead of my 3/70 Viv.

I think comparing Brynhild and Lady Woolerton is too far fetched.

We only need to have buffs and nerfs where a hero is clearly OP or exceedingly underwhelming to the point of useless. Either that, or where they dominate the meta so much that they make gameplay tedious or monotonous

Neither of these heroes fit any of those definitions

There has to be a spectrum along which all heroes sit, ranging from fairly dodgy to very good. This continuum is a business decision as much as anything else - even if it were possible to make heroes all equally powerful they wouldn’t, as good heroes are more desirable and therefore pull in the coin.

The sheep is good. Brynhild is good. Let it be


In defence is were I find her Op.

I had no Idea that Wool blocked herself. Are these facts? Then she has a secret I didnt knew of. But still the problem as I see is the nerf of Bryn. Take away the mana boost, the special def or anti buff. I find it One to many buffs for a 4* fast healer.