Brown Bombers

Top 100 alliance fighting 8 and 9* titans. Median cups around 2200 but we really don’t care about your cup amount. Everyone is over 3000 team power. The leader is super chill and has created an environment of welcoming. He and several members are Canadians so you know they’re friendly. :slight_smile:️ I’ve been in the alliance for a few months and have liked it a lot.
Anyway, I thought I’d post on this forum since the in-game Alliance Recruitment chatroom just seems to be another place where people chat about nonsense. If you’re on this forum and reading this message, you likely care about the game and want to be a part of a fun alliance. Let me know if you’re interested.


Hey uziguzi, 3407 teampower player here. Been looking for a fun Alliance for a while now. I would love to join Brown Bombers, send me a message!

@Zyzz I’m sorry, but overnight we filled the two spots we had open. Too bad, you seem like a great fit. When we have another opening, which might be soon, I’ll tag you on this thread again.

Okay! Thanks for replying anyway.

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We’re currently looking to fill one spot at Brown Bombers. Hoping for someone with 3400+ team power and a strong interest in Alliance Wars. Request a spot in-game if you want to be a part of our team. Please, don’t make me beg. :grin:

And full again. Thanks!