Brand new alliance

I formed international alli: Crew Fu for active 15-30 years old players who try their best. It’s open and has 200trophie requirement. War is optional but if you are attending it please use all 6 flags. I want to form a good alli and I can give advices. Add me on line, my ID is ljeptur! My strongest team is 3k+ and I’m at 29 level. I’ll be glad to have anyone who is willing to learn and grow with this alli.

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Not affiliated with Crew-

Happy gaming and good luck

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jvanon here, current g.leader of Screwballz Two
we currently have 7/30 attendance and hoping to get more

check our little alliance out on the in-game search
I think your five members would fit real well with a merger with ours

Screwballz Two is set to open so you guys can just hop on in if you are interested in a merger

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