Screwballz Two - looking for more

a brand new alliance looking for more active members

a little backstory on us:
the core of this group came from the alliance - We are Screwballs
but after a near year of dwindling membership, leader and co.leader were months from logging in, we finally decided to branch off to try and form an active community to work towards higher end Titans + better War team setups

there is like 10-11 of us that will cross over to Screwballz Two here so we will have almost 20 openings !!!

I am not going to put a trophy requirement to enter now
as 2 of our crossovers are “newbies” with low power teams
however having current active players coming in would be a boon for us going forward
so give us a try :stuck_out_tongue:

our current cast of ten, once they all swing over, can pretty much do 4* Titan battles, sometimes down a 5*, and on Wars we pull off 3000-3200 in points
our win ratio was like 2:1 with us having 4-7 left over War energies dangling /cry


those reading this - you are most welcome to join our fledgling guild here :smile:

ps: and thank you for your time

btw: guild is currently set on “open” status so your entry should be immediate
will do this until we get to 25/30 members


The Ironclad has room for 7 w/1600+ cups, if you don’t want to start over. We have a training alliance in our family called Whatever Floats Yer Boat for the others.

I know you probably all want to stay together, but doesn’t hurt to offer :smile:

Message me on LINE if interested (I’ll see it sooner there): ~adisty~

@Adisty not a bad idea

Screwballz Two is still early in its formation, we just broke off on 1/30

thing is - I’m not sure if the other 3-4 actives in old guild will swing over here

if in 2 weeks, we still sitting at 6 to 7 members, then I’ll run the idea by them

sound okay?

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Sounds good! +20 characters

bumping this post up :stuck_out_tongue:

we still 7/30
come give us a try!

How fares the recruiting? Getting many members?


sorry for the late response

we merged with another guild way back, like 5 days after this posting

:+1: No worries, hope it works out for ya!

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