Blindness question - missed tiles

Say I am using 5 blue heroes, for ease of example lets say they each do 100 damage. One of my blue heroes have been blinded. I throw three blue tiles to one opponent. Two blue tiles hit for 500 damage each (100 from each of my 5 blue heroes), but one blue tile misses completely because one hero is blind. Shouldn’t technically only 1/5 of the damage from that tile should have missed? Only the 100 damage from the blind hero should have missed? Not the entire 500 damage from the whole tile. So the 400 damage from the other four blue heroes should still hit since they are not blind. Right? It seems like one blind hero has 33% chance of missing the entire damage. So if Justice blinds all five of my heroes, is it still one 33% chance to miss all the damage on a tile or is it 33% for each hero to miss all the damage? 33% for the first hero to take away all the damage, then 33% change for the second hero to take away all the damage, then 33% change for the third etc etc?

I hear what you’re saying and thought the same. But alas, it’s not that way. Something I’ve often wondered too but haven’t tested. Say each hero has a different troop. When gems go up, you see the representative troop. Do the effects only apply from the hero of said troop? I don’t think so either. These are pretty small things that I think we just have to accept and deal with - the risk of going monocolor.

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If any of a color is blinded, that color has that chance to miss. In your example if you had 5 blue heroes and one got hit with a 33% blind, blue tiles have a 33% chance to miss. If all 5 blue heroes were hit with a 33% blind, blue would still have a 33% chance to miss.

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What if one blue hero has an attack boost? Do all blue tiles have that boost then? I don’t think they do. Why should I get punished both ways? At least have it be consistent.

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I’ve been screwed before with Wu. Only two heroes on my team had his ability on (because of a dispel) and my tiles still missed at full rate but I didn’t get the benefit of the attack boost on the other three.

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