Best yellows to ascend

Hi, I have some yellows to ascend but not sure about which one for better sinergies. The main contenders are:
-White Rabbit
-Costume Rana
-Bai Yeong

My yellow team is: C. Vivica, C. Leonidas, Faline, Devana and Ureus/Joon or De Andre LB

Other heroes to take into account for 3+2 sinergies: frosth, bera, mr pengi, vanda, ludwig, c kadilen.

I will make a poll if I manage, it was useful recently :slight_smile:

Motega, good for titans and PvP. Pair him with Uraeus to exploit minions and deal Sand damage.


Motega + Mr. Penguin is also brutal. Love using that.


Poll for easy voting

  • Montega
  • White Rabbit
  • Rana + Costume
  • Aouda
  • Hanitra
  • Bai yeong
  • Wait.

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I was also thinking about White Rabbit inpired by some youtubers who have the 9 tiles killing team, but I’m not sure if that would be possible with C Leo, Rabbit, Faline and Devana. Which troops would be needed (if it’s even possible) for a 9 tiles killing team?

Another possible sinergy I was thinking of was Motega’s fiends + prevent healing with costume rana or vanda.

To me Leonidas* + Faline is enough as killing team, I would then use other 3 color to increase the striking power.

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I’m working on motega now. I was lucky and got WR during my first year of playing. Pairing him with guardian jackal and imposing defense plus elemental defense always guaranteed a kill with a follow up sniper. WR has had lots of playing time. I voted for Motega only bc i like new specials and new heroes to play with! lol

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