Titan Team Building

Always enjoy forum feedback and learning peoples play style in the process so here we go…

Building 5 titan teams, particularly looking for feedback on my green titan team, and whether or not you think Cheshire Cat or Tibs w/cb is better in my yellow titan team. I’m pretty solid on the other colors, but feel free to share your general thoughts/teams you use.
Bonus question for my red titan team: on 14* titans do you think Lepus is too weak (def) to survive and should I put Kiril (considering more emblems) there instead?
All unleveled heroes shown are being leveled, and I have emblems for the heroes in question (Tibs/Cheshire/Kiril).

Titan teams:

Here are my options for the teams in question:

Thanks in advance. :blush:

Sorry about that, thanks @D_DI

Pretty solid teams there. Ares over Zim if you level him up and I use cheshire over tibs due to the bigger defense down

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@Euphoria you don’t think that by putting Ares in the tile damage would be too low? Falcon and Wilbur both have low tiles, so I figure Zim and GM could balance it out a bit. I’m going to bring Ares to 3/70 soon.

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I believe his bigger attack buff and critical boost make up for it. I’ve seen big hits done with that team. I use shadereave as I don’t have Ares with pretty decent results.

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They all look pretty good to me

Only thought that strikes me is Tarlak can wait for materials as you have Miki, would go Greg and Rat first. Not sure I’d even give Tarlak the materials in that case tbh

And I have my heavily emblemed Lepus on my Titan team simply for his massive attack stat, which Kiril won’t replace

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@Infinite I’m thinking about leaving Tarlak at 3/70 because my green roster is just too long of a list for tonics, and I may go with Greg first since rat can heal and will still have his full special at 3/70

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