Best configuration for Training Camps - overflowing recruits!

Hi, I would like to know what configuration people find effective for their training camps

I have a TC,20, TC19, and two TC13.

Currently I run the 20 constantly, currently have 20 days worth pending. The two 13s I run at 11, currently 101 days and 34 days pending. The level 19 I run at 11 if I’m short on food and run at 19 when i have enough food to clear recruits. This strategy was working, but now I have too many recruits and can’t clear them quick enough!

Even when I stock up tc19 I then dont have enough food to collect and feed all the heroes, so the camp sits idle while I collect and feed them (I hate having an idle camp, and try to avoid this)

How do you all overcome this issue? How can I make my TCs run more efficiently?

I run 1 on TC 20 and 2 TC 11 nonstop. The other is primarily TC 2 and I’ll mix in TC 19 when I’m out of Adventurer’s kits. It’s the best mix I’ve found to balance return on investment.

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