Avatars/profiles that you think are cool, fascinating, and quite possibly make you laugh

Hi all. I just wanted somewhere to post this at. lol. I hope ya’ll can post some fun ones you’ve seen here on the forum. @TGW I crack up every time i see your invisible one, cause i think that the system is down. :joy: I have to hover over that space to find that it is you. I love it man, completely ingenuous.

I love @KLinMayhem’s Flaming K too, goes right well with the name.

The harp of @JonahTheBard is quite a fascinating one for me, it’s gotten to be the one that i associate with him, cause i can not remember exactly his old one. I remember it was JB someone. lol

@HappyHippo I wanna eat your profile every time i see it. My sister was stationed in Germany for some time, and would send up boxes over her in the USA. Love those. The Ferrero Rocher are pretty close, but not the same.

@Guvnor Venom-Groot is a good look on you. Gotta say it is quite a nice touch.

@littleKAF Your cow picture I got to see intimately as i put it on a card, so i still laugh every time i see it.

@Disposable Going to call on your profile now. lol. The trash can is just superb along with your name. we all know that you are not, but it’s a great cliche.

@Olmor Your new duck took some getting used to from the butt of a dog with sunglasses. but i think that after getting used to it, i couldn’t imagine you any other way. Looks good on you.

there are so much more, but here is a few i would like to compliment on their profiles. Feel free to share and tag!


@Math4lyfe one, 'cause…ehm, ehm…ok…sorry, I can’t explain! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I know it! I tried, but i failed miserably, but i’m glad you gave her a shout out.


I will choose this 2, that make me smile :

This for cute candidate :

This for beauty avatar in my eyes:

The last but not the less, this is avatar that I will always read and hope for good news ;


Those are great too. I’m all out of likes. lol


I don’t even try…sometimes words don’t help enough :wink:

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@Gryphonknight explained his here.

Gryphonknight’s avatar

@voidstrike @LadyEva @Darth_Revan @Palms @Natural-Lite


I much prefer my Line avatar.

@PooFlingerJr would agree I think.


Thank you! :smile:

Some forums give you the option to post anonymously, this one does not. I figured the next best thing would be to appear invisible.

(it was easy to do… just took a screen cap of the forum color background and uploaded it as my profile pic)

Would do the same with my username using blank characters, but username changes have to be approved by the mods, and I don’t think they’d be cool with that :laughing:

Of course I can usually identify people by their avatars, and Kaffy’s is pretty silly. The rest I just look out for to try to remember if I’ve upset that person recently (in which case, I know I probably shouldn’t reply to them).


@Saphirra :laughing:

Been obsessed with kinder hippos for 15 years! They do choco and hazelnut ones, they are awesome if you balance one on top of a Starbucks latte with cream on top, then hum the Last Post as the hippo slowly sinks! Downside is the coffee shop may ban you for being insane :crazy_face:

Schoko bons are also nice but worryingly addictive


I disagree… :rofl:


How long is that list??


Where can I find those?? Must. Try. Them.


I’m sensing a business opportunity here :money_mouth_face:


I don’t know what i said, but i don’t want @TGW and @HappyHippo to think i’m ignoring them, it’s just waiting on Mod Approval. I wonder what are all the words that need that?

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Fairly long.

Varies by day, and my best guestimate of each individual’s grudge level… sometimes people get over it quickly and are able to somewhat tolerate me later… usually the grumpiest ones just have me permanently blocked anyway. :grin:


I don’t know. hmm. if you were completely invisible i think that i would never get to see you, and that would be a shame

yes! love those too. It’s been a year or 2 since i had one now. She’s stationed here now, but she went over on vacations a couple of years ago and brought some back


Lovely thread:

I always thought that the avatar from @Garanwyn was a dragon head from the side until I realized, after a closer look, that it’s a soldier I probably should have heard of. :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


I always thought it was a headless guy, till my brother pointed out that it was a hat, not a neck

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You’ll always be my favorite ****!



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