I would like to know more about you forum folk

Although yours was a very serious post, I found myself laughing out loud. (So glad I don’t work in an office… :laughing:). I can relate so well to the ‘inappropriate’ conversations. My hubby, daughter and I get into those types of discussions quite often. It often revolves around the best ways and places to hide the body. The running joke is someone from the next table will call the cops on us one day. Which is quite ironic as hubby is actually a cop. :rofl:

I applaud you on your almost 6 years. I also have an addictive personality and faced a similar situation at 16 with medication for a back injury. I was fortunate to have a moment of clarity and called my parents. I’m not sure they really understood, but were there for me. That was over 30 years ago. Since then I’ve had several surgeries (darn knee!) and each time I’ve had to face the realization that I can’t recover like other people.

But I digress… thank-you for your post. I’m sure it has touched many people here on the forums. Keep being you :blush:


Tagging you all cause I read the introduce ourselves thread and I feel like I missed your posts or they werent there. Reference. Also not to be too much of a creep but I saw that 1 of you has never actually posted on the forum before GASP :eyes: . I hope you all are doing well and I understand that you are incredibly busy (I read that AMA whew! didnt know before that the team was that small, puts things in perspective) but all I ask for is 20chars

@RubiKinga Found yours can not believe I missed it…
@joonatan :point_left:

Looking forward to reading replies Even if they come years from now :hearts:


I started off playing this game in my mid-thirties and am now moving to my late-thirties :sob: I work in healthcare (geriatrics).

I live in Maryland between Baltimore and Annapolis @IvyTheTerrible. If I had to describe myself in one word it would be “father.”

I’m not sure how unusual this is, but I never had any real personal goals in life other having a wonderful family and kids. @JonahTheBard I have to unjam that nerf gun with the darts at least once a week. Santa brought my kids a Maltipoo puppy for XMas… so I am somewhat preoccupied with her atm.

My avatar is myself in a Cat in the Hat costume and have been playing the part while reading to my kids preschool… and still do once a year even though my kids are older and no longer there.

I can be a bit of a completionist with games and have no problem playing for a ridiculous amount of time to get that 1:1million drop etc. I love reading fantasy (most recently LitRPG) and the occasional anime as well @ThePirateKing my favorite is One Piece as well.

I have a little hero jealousy at times (being FTP), but am loving the Hotm I recently got, Vela! I’m also a big believer in equality, so when my wife said that she wanted to retire early I said I was agreeable… with the understanding that i would be doing the exact same. (Which is part of my FTP status, since I cant nag… I mean remind my wife to be mindful of money if I dont do the same)


Nice to meet a fellow F2P player (lol, I totally get the hero jealousy part, happens to me all the time), who is a also One Piece fan (Kaizoku-ō ni orewa naru!). And I really like your life goals. It doesn’t matter what profession we are in or what we do, all that matters is having good friends, and a nice and happy family. :slight_smile:


Always been a gamer. Started with my atari 2600. You know, back when you turned the tv knob to channel 3, then flipped the switch in the back to change the input. Moved onto bigger and better things… like Nintendo… lol.

Got my first computer in I think 96, then found diablo and battle net. I spent most of my time at college playing diablo 2. Between that and playing football at college, I still managed to almost finish a math degree. Technically I have an associates.

After school it was Dark Age of Camelot, which is where I pulled the 2nd part of my tag from. 10+ years on that before moving to mobile games and action rpgs. They’re easier to pick up and put down. I have responsibilities now.

My avatar is myself. I just hit the big 4-0… but most would say I’m early 30’s. I was always an athelete and have tried to stay in shape. Helps I still have all my hair. :slight_smile: I also grew up playing with and building race cars. I lived near a couple of drag strips when I was younger. Some of my friends still race for a living.

I am c2p on E&P, but have had a bit of luck as well. I co-lead Emperor’s Assassins, we tend to hover in the 300’s for global alliance rank. Very laid back, casual alliance with a lot of long term members!


Favorite hero: Morgan Le Fay
Wants: Evelyn

Lives in: a sponge aka Portland OR

Favorite foods: 12 egg omelettes, roast ox, bbq flavor pop tarts, cream of vulture soup, arbys meat mountain surrounded by a moat of mashed potatoes and gravy, gummy bear enchiladas.

Current major in school: math

Works currently in: pharmaceutical distribution

Favorite movies/books: lots of horror and scifi with a dash of philosophy

Music is life.


Any recommendations on the book/movies in the horror genre. Also music is the answer.


Hey, y’all. For those who don’t already know me from other posts…
I’m NPNKY. My alliance mates call me Pinks or Pinky
I’m old enough to know better (2 grown kids) but too young to care (still like games and acting silly)
My alliance is Magnificent Bastards. I founded it 2 years ago and never looked back.
Favorite hero is probably Isarnia. She was my first 5*, she took me forever to max because telescopes., and I love her special. She has been supplanted on most of my teams, but never in my heart.


Some good ones that probably aren’t ones everyone has already seen would include:
Grave Encounters
The Wind: Demons of the Prairie
The Descent
Creep (2004)
The Innkeepers
The Mist
The Void

For books, Ararat and Drood are ones I read recently that were both great.


Kudos for this excellent thread, and nice to know a little bit more about each who has posted here.

I ran away from my home country (in Southeast Asia) for love - escaped with my “secret” boyfriend (I am a man), because my family wanted me to marry a woman (gasp!). Finished a master’s degree in Western Europe, where I now live and work. Started playing E&P to kill time while I was looking for a job and waiting for the paperwork.

Like Steve9999, I discovered E&P because of the ads on the language-learning Duolingo app (I was using it for French, Spanish and Dutch… I’ve been around…)

I’m naturally very thrifty, so I’m C2P (only ever spent 3 EUR on the Rudolph Christmas deal, and another 2.99 EUR on a 200-gem deal when I was new to the game. That second one got me Sir Lancelot, so I’m happy. Stopped buying those deals when I realized the summon odds though…)

Favorite heroes:

  • Proteus (got him in my second month of playing, and he changed the game for me!)
  • Sabina (my first 4* healer and dispeller, also changed the game for me, giving me a weapon against the Kash/Boril/Cyprian tanks so common in lower levels…)
  • Seshat (an amazing sniper who transformed my raid/war offense)

Yeah, yeah, just a coincidence that all are Purple… or is it? I usually color-stack 3/2 and have been dabbling in mono, so I often use these 3 together.

Fave hero that I want? Mother North, for the resurrection.


Is this really a thing??


For Herman Munster it was :laughing:


Are you in the market for a bridge? I know a guy who is friends with my brother that could maybe get you in on one in Brooklyn but you gotta let me know pretty quick.


Biting my tongue. :roll_eyes::rofl:


But I’m in your head and know what you’re thinking :wink:


Going through this thread again and being reminded of the community we have here (also the other threads tagged in this one). All bright reminders in these weird times.


this is a great thread - thanks again for starting it!


The four sections represent my gaming obsessions when I joined the forum.

Like @Kerridoc learned, once everyone knows your avatar, you cannot go updating it.

The upper right is my old avatar from Niantic’s Ingress. Gryphonkit, my wife, started playing it after searching for “exercise gamification”. With the pandemic, I have not been playing as much ( same with PoCARmon GO, er, Pokemon GO and Wizards Unite ).

The upper left is the final cutscene for Space Miner: Space ORE Bust. A multiple, award winning game that ran into monetization issues like SGG’s Oddwings. It has a great story, great art, multiple difficulties and New Game Plus which rewards you for multiple play throughs.

Apparently Space Miner is now available through GameClub. GameClub appears to be old games lacking freemium designs ( maybe SGG/ Zynga’s Oddwing could find a home there ).

The lower right is a Tuckerization from platinum edition Space Miner: Space ORE Bust. I wrote several play throughs on Touch Arcade for Space Miner: Space ORE Bust including a permadeath play through ( HardcORE difficulty ). When the platinum edition came out, they tuckerized me with my very own sector of space “Bee jay Industries, one of MSC’s long-time competitors, once operated a future-generation AI laboratory in this sector. Unfortunately, the AI became too smart and turned on its human creators because that’s what happens EVERY TIME.”

The lower left is a wizard tower in an active volcano from Book of Heroes by Megaspace Industries ( formerly Venan Entertainment ). Great story, great art, but was designed mostly for F2P / C2P instead of P2W, so last content update was a long time ago. I did suggest Book of Heroes add a gacha mechanic, but it most the Devs had moved on to other games.


That’s an awesome explanation. Love all the meaning. :yellow_heart:


thank you for responding gryph. The only game you mentioned that I recognized is Pokemon Go. Did anyone ever play a game called Pokemon Omega it ran from 2010-2014. Also I didnt know about the avatar thing or else I wouldnt have changed.

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