AutoOptOut inactive from war


Would be nice, if alliance leaders were able to set sth for the whole alliance, that automatically opts out members from war after x days (which could be set individually) of inactivity.



Sorry, I don’t see the context :thinking:


I think @Rigs was pointing out that members are automatically opted out after missing two consecutive Wars.

But I think your idea is to let the alliance leader determine the setting for that, is that correct?


Ahh, I didn’t know that.
Yes, exactly.

How does it work?
Opt out, if all flags were unused two times?


Yep, exactly. If you use at least one flag, it counts as participating.

But two missed Wars in a row without using any flags makes for an automatic opt-out.

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Could be closed, as it already exists in an acceptable way.

Sorry, really didn’t know :relaxed:


Nice when the devs anticipate your needs! :slight_smile:

One thread closure coming on up… :pancakes:

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