Ascension Items are too Rare

For example titan chest has become ridiculous. It is giving worse items as hero or raid chests. It gives only some 2* material items and few coins, not even 3* items!!!

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The best item I got recently was fine gloves… from a rare titan, yeay.

I don’t really get excited anymore when the chests are ready to be opened as I have been waiting for ages to get something useful.


I haven’t got any 4* mats for a very long time… I’m running out of them all. I think I haven’t got one in two months now from chests or titans. We drop 10-11* titans and I’m always A or A+. I skip every timer thats possible so I’m opening more than enough chests to believe I should get at least something once in a while. Best loot seems to come from mystic vision. I’m sick and tired of opening these chests that don’t reward me anything useful… getting tired of this game…

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Sorry to disagree that “all is well”. Just be patient and spend more money. Huh. I have played over 2 years now. What about when I need fine gloves for 30-50 days and compasses for my 4*? Then, I start on a couple of 5*, and they take the 4* items and now some take Darts and Tunics! I have needed both darts and tunics for 3 months and they have not been offered. I get 1 here, then 1 there, but it takes several of each for each hero. I broke down and bought a few chests and offers. I check the ascension packs. Just today, I shredded 2400 gems and got 1 fine glove. The system is too tight, the items are unavailable to us casual and not willing to pay a lot players. I am unhappy when I do spend money with the results. Honestly, it is not a fair system and feels too much like gambling. If I could buy what I need once in awhile, I might do it. I like the game a lot! I am hoping this improves it.

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My experience was that as I was first starting on 5* heroes, I had a huge need for gloves. I couldn’t get gloves anywhere. Then one of the challenge events had 3 gloves for finishing all three difficulties, and almost like magic, I was at a point where 3* mats became a total joke. Right now, I have 41 compasses, 23 gloves, 20 hidden blades, 35 orbs of magic, 45 sturdy shields, 32 trap tools, 46 warm capes. And those mats seem to drop at a rate that I’ll never have a problem there again.

4* mats are harder — I ascended Vivica, Reuben and Krampus recently, so am particularly low: 4 Damascus blades, 7 scopes, 8 tonics, 3 rings, 6 darts, 14 tabards, 9 tomes. But I’m not really suffering yet (admittedly got 3 D blades in the last few days, where I had started to get worried a bit). I have what I need for Ursena and Glenda, If I get Uraeus, I can max him, and I can do Bertila if nothing better comes along. Of course I’m going to be really hurting for mats after that, so understand fully that people want them to drop more. I level the heroes as I get feeders without rushing, so I presume that things will balance out. I’ve had enough lucky pulls recently that I will probably be on a dry spell for some time. But hope springs eternal.

So, TLDR: at least for the 3* mats, it gets better sooner or later.

Can you make 4* ascension materials easier to obtain? What is the use of obtaining emblems if you can’t ascend your heroes?

If you haven’t noticed, such is by game design. I bet previously, you lack good heroes early on. So you summon, and summon, and summon, and summon some more. Until you lack the 3* ascension mats to ascend your epic heroes. So you grind, and grind, and grind, and grind some more. And I bet you wanted to have more than enough crafting materials just for you to create regularly needed battle items. In almost every stage of your game, you will notice that you needed something lacking, be it food, iron, heroes, troops, ascension and crafting mats, etc. There is always that. Unless you have just played very recently and bought a lot of heroes and troops just for you to be competetive with experienced or advanced players. Yep, it is fun to beat their defenses and see strong players fail in their hits against you when they raid.

Solution to your dilemma is either you buy those gem offers with free ascension mats in it, and/or open as many chests as possible in the shortest amount of time, and/or perform better in raid tourneys and in the monthly challenge events, and/or string high level titans with much stronger alliances, and/or avail the rewards of the mystic vision 3x a day, etc.

Good luck, mate.

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Actually I’ve been playing the game for about two years. I have spent some $ but certainly not like others that play. All I’m asking is for more opportunities to acquire 4* mats. You can’t even buy them like you can emblems.

Yes, you can. You just need to know where to look (no assurance of getting them even spending gems though) or just need to wait for gem offers with ascension mats.

It’s been 4 months without getting any ascension material 4*. I don’t understand why the dropping rates haven’t changed accordingly with the introduction of tons of new heroes. I believe dropping rates must be reajusted so that people are enticed to pull. For now, there’s no reason for me to spend any more money even if I’m not C2P or PTW.

Come on, this is getting ridiculous!

You’re not listening SG. And because of that your retention will suffer. And trust me, as a business owner that has had those times of flying high, with about the same number of employees, it will start sliding very slowly. You won’t even notice, or if you do, you will shrug it off as a small hiccup and all will be good and it will come back you think. And then you wake up one morning to a significant exit of players…long term players. Players that have made you rich and you begin to scramble. But by then you might be too late. It takes a minute to get behind and a month to catch up. Act on the mats. It’s ridiculous. For example, I have had eight 5* blues at 3/70. Went over a month with 0 telescopes. I just got one yesterday. I have five 5* purples at 3/70. The story repeats. I have one tome. I’m a daily player, I spend more than the average. Things like POV requiring you to be on top of it daily or you will not get the real loot. Guess what… the guys with the jack to spend are often business owners, professionals, etc. That have other time challenges. You guys just aren’t thinking this through.

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