Ascension Items are too Rare

You work your tail end of to level up your 4 and 5 stars only to hit a wall on the last ascension for needed items. What good does it do to complete missions do quests and defeat Titan when all you get is the same stuff you get from the map? Ascension items should be rewarded more for doing these specials to keep players from getting discouraged and quitting.


Ascension items are rare, but there is a steady trickle of them from:

  • Titan loot (more frequent with tougher titans and better grade of contribution)
  • Mystic visions
  • Regular wanted boxes (monsters, heroes, titans)
  • Special wanted boxes (the purple ones that replace regular boxes occasionally)
  • Rare quests, e.g. Farholme Pass
  • Challenge events
  • Purchase packages

Are these ascension items rare? Yep. But I’m sure Small Giant monitors the flow closely and has some targets,


It used to be a lot worse, lol. The days before Wanted chests ring a bell… omg. When we were mostly relying on them to drop from Titans and Titan chests?

Just reminiscing…

and was it uphill both ways? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Where is the steady trickle? Got 3 that need ascension items have for weeks. Another player has been trying to his for almost 2 months again we get the same stuff as on the map battles


Dear Tufflady, I have been waiting for seven months for 5* assenion items. I play every quest, spend gems to accelerate the monster and hero chests, set an alarm to be sure I get two mystic visions and two Titan strikes per day. I am on the low end of wait time. Patience is rewarded, but you need massive amounts of it. I wish you good luck you need buckets of it in this game. :slight_smile:


The best thing you can do is get your alliance fighting 8 star titans and up.

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We would if able to get to those Titans but most all members are newcomers coming along nicely then hit a wall on ascension items which makes them not want to stay and help make the alliance stronger because they can’t get stronger.

There came a time for me when I realized I was one of the top two or three hitters every Titan, and moving up far faster than others. That’s when it’s time to join another alliance that can help you move up.

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Sorry unacceptable since I’m the one that started the alliance and most members been with day one. But understand what your saying just a shame hard earned gems and time have went into. See players getting disgruntled for not getting what they need most can’t get into higher alliances because of their stipulations

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Ok, I decided to necro this thread instead of starting my own. It would be nice if the grammatical error in the title could be fixed though. I can understand why the top level ascension items such as Damascus blades ( not so much) and Tomes of Tactics (very much so) were limited as the game started out and needed to grow and develop reasons for broadening the Hero base.

Now that we have Regular Monthly events such as Pirates, Avalon, etc and Twice weekly (most of the time) events such as Alliance wars many now is the time to make it so that the Tier 4 Ascension items are more available.

There have also been many more 5 star heroes added in to beef up the options and add variety to the metagame. There really is no reason to be as stingy with the 4 star ascension items any longer. Please make them more available. The game is a grind and that is part of why most of us like it, but hitting the wall where you have to wait two months for the next Rare event to drop a tome of tactics just isn’t enough anymore.

There are 12 Heroes of the Month and there are Event Heroes. This is in addition to the regularly available 5* heroes. Tomes of Tactics simply need to be made more available. Damascus blades do actually show up in sale packages every now and then, but it is rare for Tomes to be sold and when they are it is for a very high price.

It is time now to loosen up and allow more Tomes of Tactics to be made available.


I agree with the last post. It is ok to offer ascension items for sale, but it shouldnt take 3 months to level up your hero while waiting for them.

I am i. The same boat here when it comes to ascension items.

A red 5* needs 6 rings, I have been playing for just on 12 months or so and now have 5 x 5* and only 3 rings. At this rate E&P will have done it’s days with the game by the I get to level a red 5 star.
This is the same with Darts and other 5* mats.

I have 5* heros that have been waiting for 6 months for final ascension still needing 5 darts, 4 rings etc.


This is game meant ti be designed to provide fair chances at growing your hero’s in a fairly decent playing period of months not a few years.

The only outcome that can come from having (in my case) some 30 5* heros and not being able to ascend them is we stop spending trying to get more 5*s. I personally stopped spending 3 months ago as it just takes up more storage to get nowhere.

Provide them more frequently and let us finalise our heris and then it will encourage to spend more to get newer and extra heros we don’t currently have BUT as it stands now with the current drop rate I have some 15 5*s waiting fir final ascension items and about the same not started yet and what is the point of starting them honestly.

And lets not forget that every attempt at keeping mats for 5* also affects 4* being leveled, so the issue doesn’t just stop with 5s but trickles down the line to 4 as well.

You should be able to to fully level hero’s within a 2 to 3 month period not 1 to 3 years. At least then the encouragement to keep spending carries through the years if playing the game.

Personally at this current drop rate ( and I mean this politely speaking) any player that is waiting to ascend 5* heros in the same boat knowing it will take over a year to complete that still spends money in the game try for new heros is an Idiot as it is just a total waste of money, go give that money to some homeless drunk instead then at least you would have achived a goal this year not next year.

I call actually call myself a complete IDIOT as well when I am tempted to spend lately and then look at the amount of 4 & 5*s going nowhere anytime soon and kick my own â– â– â–  to stop myself.

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There has to be a change. I get wanting to make money, however those of us who do sometimes buy a few gems, and buy say off top tier hero’s with greater chance of legendary and get the same crap off the half cost hero’s, are getting frustrated.
6 months I waited for those stupid boots, and quit. Then almost 3 months, to get to the 3/4 ascension.
Now it’s just as bad with getting to 4/4.

And all of the wanted missions are crap. The pay to play players are the ones who win, and get the good loot…

This is just not right.

I think the three tiers of hero purchase need to be a bit less random.
150 gems 1 and 2 stars
300 Gems 3 and 4 stars
450 Gems 4amd 5 stars (still leaves a bit of chance)
These also cover levels for the different color and event summons
This will increases profit while leaving it a bit more fair…

I have a suggestion about rare item, maybe item exchange may work. For example i need 4 compass and i have 3 rings, my friend needs 2 rings and has 2 compass which doesnt need. I want to send 2 rings to my friend coz i dont need then. Maybe a system can be make like bazaar or mail system

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It has gotten do bad I try to “pretend” there is no higher level, do I don’t feel the “desperation” many of you are describing. And then when Tibertus finally ascended then I can day “finally” and celebrate. Boldtusk needs a hidden blade, but I can’t do this event so no use to cry about it. You got my vote.

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A TRICKLES! Is as lucky as finding a fresh water oyster in the ocean.

I agree that the so called trickle is nothing but a mere drop in the ocean and nothing more.

I have been waithing 8 months now for rings now to final ascend a red hero and there another 4 ready and waiting in line. Based on these trickles it will be 3 years before the others are ascended if I am lucky.

Darts, Tabards, Globes etc are no different.

This game is designed to be a grind and that is fine and acceptable but not having 6 items a year to level a single hero is just beyond rediculous and not considered a trickle.

A trickle would be being able to fully ascend at least one of each element 5* at the least or at worst once every 6 months NOT getting lucky to get 1 a year.

One thing is for certian, this so called trickle doesn’t encourage spending at all and at best only discourages it ompletely.

I personally have that many 5* waiting and goi g nowhere that this trickle has only started myself and a few others to start looking for other games we can play as the same team.

And with the addition of new items like the emblems, coins etc which means more items within the random selection also means less chances for better rare items which is the case now.
It’s literally bee at least a month since receiving any kind of mats other those from the events and quests of cause.

Congratulations SG on succeeding to trickle players away as we have already lost 4 players from my alliance to other games in the ladt 2 weeks and why, all due to our successful TRICKLE which goes nowhere.

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Comparing family accounts we discovered that Devs base 4* ascension items on defeating 9*+ titans every day and opening at least 1x Diamond arena Wanted Hero Mission Chest per day.

In fact some 4* ascension items do not drop for Titan loot tier 1 to 6.

If your account raids in Gold ( or below), and fight 6* titans, for 1.5 years, you get very few 4* ascension items.


Dear Tufflady, I have been waiting for seven months for 5* assenion items. I play every quest, spend gems to accelerate the monster and hero chests, set an alarm to be sure I get two mystic visions and two Titan strikes per day. I am on the low end of wait time. Patience is rewarded, but you need massive amounts of it. I wish you good luck you need buckets of it in this game. :slight_smile:
I have many heroes for up
Please help

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