Ascension Items are too Rare

Yeah that weekly rare quest is greatly appreciated, but the odds still suck vs titans and in tournaments, I think it’s like 2% for top 1% in tournaments, and I think similar for titans, Imo should be closer to 10% now all l these other 5* items are released.

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yeah, it would be nice, and cheeper to change emblems from one hero to other would also be nicer to test new sinergies

Oh? 4* ascension material quests are weekly now? I did not notice but I certainly welcome it!

Every Monday … hey Lights :smile:

Hey Uni! So we could expect a rare quest today?

Yeah should be Mt umber up… just looked though and quests end in 18hrs so will be on the back of those.

Really? I don’t see the quest on my end yet. Maybe it is just a time zone thing. Thanks for the info!

Meant the current quests, MT umber should be next :+1:t4:

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I believe that with the ncrease of the rare quest to being every week kind if helps out a bit with the reduction of % per each drop rate over all.

Rare quest are (nearly) weekly, for further details just check the tentative calendar (not the official) in the forum.

With always new heroes introduced monthly, LB and new building, it is not ascension materials only to revisit but hams and iron too. This means the game original buildings must be upgraded on its 6th anniversary. Rather than more pop up$. To be par with the current heroes statistics, old timers need to upgrade, inve$tment, $pend…

I remember those days. BUT, it needs to be said, that there were a LOT less heroes then and the game evolved MUCH more slowly so once you ascended and leveled up a hero you got a LOT more use or longevity out of it.