Are you new? Green Chile Cheese Fries is looking for players to grow with!

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love green chile cheese fries?

Most the recruiting we see is dedicated to high-level players and titans. Not us! We’re a newer alliance looking for newer, active players to grow gain experience with. We only ask that you’re an active player, hitting titans and participating in wars.

We have no trophy requirement. Are you new? Come join and grow with us!

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Hi. I am from titan hunters 10. We are looking for new players and a secondary alliance to merge with. We have some strong players. And some weaker ones. But feel that a secondary alliance could help both parties. We have a few tacticans. That could help with hero placement. Or helping understand or get more knowledge in the game if you are interested come check us out

Thanks for the invite. We’re gonna try to grow the alliance from scratch, for now. We’ll keep it in mind though.

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