Tacos & Titans

We are shedding inactive members and looking to make a push for Top 100 alliance status. Come grow with a supportive group and help us reach our goal! Regularly killing 8* titans and have our sights set on our first 9*. See you soon in Tacos & Titans!

Still looking for active players to help us in our push to be a top 100 alliance. Help us make it happen!

Still looking for one more. Even understaffed, we’re about to take down an 8* titan with hours to spare. Come be a part of a special group with its eyes set on Top 100 status!

Here we are looking for another new recruit. We just ask that you be an active titan hitter and continue to learn and improve. We’re here to help!

We’re less than 10K from top 100 status. Will you help us get there?

Looking for mature, serious players. We’re a laid back group with our eyes on Top 100 status.

Anybody? Bueller?

Fun group, good mix of experienced and up and coming folks.

We’d love to have another active titan killer join our ranks. Also, we have tacos.

We filled our opening, but then lost a player due to inactivity. That means there is an opening for YOU! Yes, you in the funny hat! Come join us!

Did I mention the tacos? Big flavorful tacos made from 8* Glacial Mammoth steaks. Mmm mmm good!

Our push for Top 100 status is real. Come be a part of the friendliest Top 100 alliance in the game!

new recruitment thread was started. closed at request of poster.

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