🧙 Anton – 4* Nature / Green from Tower of Magic

That’s because his not maximum level otherwise he is 4* albe

True! But he is a true Albie only when he is on offense where you control his special. On defense, he is only a chance of Albie when he doesnt hit fire on the first charge. That is the sour part

I can’t find one. I’m surprised there isn’t. Maybe we should make one? If he actually poisoned the enemies whether he hits them or not he might be good enough to use.

NO! Like I said in best scenario 3 tiles for 1st charge and 3 tiles for 2nd charge which means 6 tiles total for the 2nd this is how fast he is. He is a great reviver plus he has a chance for healing which Alby doesnt have.

YES - but only if you can ghost the tiles…
Otherwhise he needs 5 tiles hit the enemy for charge 1 and 11 for charge 2 (if you give him mana troops to get him 13% mana +)
See here:

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useless duster :smiley: 20 chars

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There’s no ■■■■■■■ way his chance to miss is only 50%. More like 80-90%.


The worst 4* released in years.

When I remember I’ve got 2 of him instead of Sergei I want to vomit


I can’t even get Anastasia and the Anton’s keep coming

Unrelated, but is your thumbnail the art of costume killhare?

I didn’t got Ana as well but at least Motega came with my last 350 gems, which was pretty crazy. My first event legendary hero. Yes, my thumb is the cute costume of Killhare. (˘︶˘).。*:heart: hope to catch her so I can stop using the forgotten Quintus.

Quintus is pretty good, if you have Xnolphod and his costume. For me definitely better than Killhare.

If a hero needs someone as rare as Xnolphod to be good, then this hero is pretty boring.

I have C. Quintus at +20 and I use him a lot bro but come on he’s too weak for a slow. Mediocre stats as well. Can’t even be compared to an average hero that has better stats and does even more damage with an easily avoidable side effect.


Play Alfrike without Xnolphod on non-VF.

And Alfrike is pretty good.

Were we talking about Anton, Quintus or now Xnolphod? :thinking: Off topic, let’s end this here.

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Okay. About Anton - I leveled him. But if he will use only spec 2, then he will be great candidate for all rush wars for someone who do not have Alberich, Heimdall or MN. But his Charge mana is what ruined him.

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