Another year in review: A thinly veiled request of who to level next and sanity check on where I have been

I am coming up on my second year anniversary of E&P and it has been a very fun ride thus far, but a lot of my decision making has been all on my own with the help of spreadsheets, math, reading the forums, more spreadsheets and math, and the occasional “whim” to just try something different because it looks fun. My new whim is that I would like to reach out to the community for a “sanity check” on where I am, and where I am going:

I guess a good part to start off with is a snapshot of where I am:

A quick reference for those afraid of scary links would be I have 19 fully leveled 5* (10+ more at 3:70 or there about) 34 fully leveled 4*, and enough 3* heroes to have plenty of fun in every challenge and tournament. I raid Mono mostly now that I have enough “good” heroes in a color, but still have a soft spot in my heart for 3:2 setups (and honestly probably better troops for this). Defense is Sartana-Vela-BK-Kingston-Joon, and for war just swap Vela and BK.

I would classify myself as a spend when I want to, but C2P most of the time kind of player. I am in the high end of a lower or mid tier alliance who has fun wars and easy titans (8* most days). I like the lazy fun playstyle requirements here, but I am kind of an optimization obsessed user of flags, materials, etc. (any reason to make a spreadsheet is a good one!). I like that we have room for both ideas and are easygoing enough that you can try hard or skip things and not feel like you let everyone down. We run blue tanks because “we always have” and while I don’t have the best blue defense its not the reason we win or lose a war, but just nifty information for the next part when I finally get to the point of this!

I would like to ask of you all your opinion on what comes next in each color. Up until now it has kind of been “what do I have” or “maybe I should wait for something better”… and it may be the same today! Either way I would like to walk though my options in each color (feel free to also tell me if I am making mistakes on emblems!). I currently only have 4 tomes and 9 gloves limiting me, but D-blades and compasses galore.

Purple(11 tabards, 24 tools):

I have Sartana+18, Clarissa+7, Victor
Ready to level is Onyx, Domitia, Quintus, Grimble, Zulag, Ametrine

My thought here would be finish Onyx and Ametrine and leave the rest alone for a while… I have 11 tabards, but I have trouble seeing the others getting them without a good reason I am not seeing.

Yellow(7 darts, 16 orbs):

I have Joon+19, Vivica+18+Costume(4:1), Delilah+7, Neith
Ready to level is Mica, Bai Yeung, Justice, Leonidas, Guardian Owl, Joon 2, Wu Kong Costume, Chao Costume

I am thinking that Mica is a win here, but is he just used for mana? I feel like none of my others are huge stand out heroes but I am open to the idea one is better than another.

Blue(9 scopes, 40 capes):

I have Vela+19, Athena+7,Magni+7 Richard
Ready to level is Isarnia, Richard 2, Valeria, Boril+Costume, Sapphire 2, Agwe, Cpt of Diamonds

I feel like this is my least exciting color and choices… do I do Isarinia when I have 12 scopes, later… never? I have a lot of 4* talent in blue but feel lacking in new options.

Green(7 tonics, 37 shields):

I have Telluria+7, Kingston+7, Evelyn+7, Lianna+7
Ready to level is Kadilen, Atomos, Gregorian, Morgan Le Fay, Kingston 2, Horghall+Costume, Little John+Costume, Brynhild, Jack O’Hare, Skittleskull+Costume, Gobbler

This one gives me a lot of trouble with what to do… I feel like I need a little more than another sniper (Greg, King2, Morgan?) but are my hit all options the best choice here? Kadi without costume is not as exciting, and I am just never sold on Atomos really. I have a lot of conflicting ideas here, so I am up for ideas. I got costumes to feed in the mean time but I feel like maybe it is time to choose a green 5*.

Red(15 rings, 6 blades):

I have Marjanna+19+Costume, Black Knight+19, Tyr+7, Anzogh+7
Ready to level is Lady Loki, Reuben, Khagan+Costume, Azlar, Elenna, Carol, Shale, Kelile Costume, Colen Costume, Scarlett Costume, Gormek+Costume

I keep getting into a red and getting another it seems… not complaining! I just keep changing gears and have a lot of 3:70 reds and 15 rings to use now… I feel like Lady Loki is my first top pick, but between the rest I am not sure what my priority should be. I have a lot of costumes to level too, and when should they be worked in? One side effect of the many red options is I am low on blades now, so I need to pick wisely if best.

With this being a review more than anything I am happy for any critique or questions on my lineup, emblems, unmentioned heroes (got plenty of leveled 4* heroes!), raid strategy, troops leveling, and whatever else comes up in the discussion. I like to think I do enough sane things and enough fun things to balance it out, but if you see me making a mistake you want to help me avoid I would love to hear it!

You put a lot of time into this my friend…the least I can do is spending a few minutes giving my opinion!

Purple: Onyx is clearly the best here. Max this hero with no regrets and watch your raiding improve. Once emblemed, Onyx should replace Sartana in your defense

Yellow: Like most people experince, the yellows are lacking. Again in my mind the Ninja 5* is the best available, Mica. Would pair well with Onyx giving a ninja family. Onyx however is the priority of the ninjas. If low on ham, start with Costume Wu. It will buff his stats for titans without the costume and give you a hard hitting Yellow for 4 star tournaments with costume on.

Blue: Some rough choices. No need at all for a second Richard. No need for Isarnia because Athena provide D down for titans. Unless you want a fast war star in Isarnia, I’d probably do Boril’s costume just so you have a rainbow team to ascend. Blue will be the LOWEST priority.

Green: That a solid group of 4 five stars you have. I’m thinking the best to suit your team is Atomos because he hits all 5 pretty hard. Greg’s critical hit boost is nice, but you don’t need a third best sniper. Brynhild is awesome, don’t discount her and LJ’s costume intrigues me.

Red: Lady Loki stand out, she’s fun…and I always recommend making this game as fun as possible. Khagan’s costume require serious consideration, the dude is slow but hits HARD. With Black knight’s taunt giving him more time while attacking, he’ll ruin some enemies. Shout out to Colen costume, another powerful 4 star.

Cheers, I hope this helps!


Chadmo covers it well but I’ll throw another hat on Atomos. He’s surprisingly good and often overlooked.

Ninja 5* are Ninja 5* so always good but on Yellow I’ll throw a vote at Bai Yeung. The Panda does me proud and his blind can be amazing if you time it well.

Blue I have similar issues as you do, nothing overly exciting and scopes sat waiting. In the meantime I agree on Boril. I’m contemplating mine after seeing @JekylandHyde use him well in his Judo video.

Red…wow…some choices there! I’m a sucker for Khagan lately though, really wanted to get his costume but didn’t get lucky

Nice options all over though



This is encouraging to hear two recommendations on Atomos. I think a hit all would round out the team quite nice and help with other situations where another sniper just is not the best solution. I have one more node I would like to hit on BK (the big 20) but after that I can devote some emblems to get the most out of him.

As an aside, I have one more chance at pulling Bertila with 11 or so saved coin pulls in Valhalla later this week. I know it is a long shot, but if I were to pull Bertila would she be above or below Atomos? She does seem to have a very strong effective hit, but is her slow speed too much to overcome vs an average Atomos?

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Honestly it’s a toss up. Personally I’d do Bertilla especially knowing you’re going to have 2 very fast wars per month.

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In a fun turn of events I got a Ratatoskr, Lord Loki, and Bertila with my coins for Valhalla. I think that gives me a clear blue direction, but green is teasing me with options and never enough tonics.

With Bertila and Ratatoskr added to the green list who wins now?

Dude that’s funny. I have 12 tonic and was leveling bertilla. Over the likes of elk, Zocc, Margaret, Kadilen, second Lianna. Then I pulled ratotskr. The rat is getting the tonics first over bertila. He heals and boosts tiles against titans. Very versatile , just not great on defense.


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