Another who gets the mysterious Tonic post

I’ve had Gregorian at 3/70 for months waiting on those last 2 tonics and would have of course used them asap except that along the way I pulled Evelyn and now have the tonics and a big decision to make.

Here is my top 45 roster with my main raid team up top, that I swap different stacks as appropriate. 2 Awesome snipers and 2 top Target and Nearby and Boldtusk. Probably should be trying Ares more often, just got him to 80.

I really like Guardian Panther and Evelyn is his kin so I’m leaning towards her but I love my snipers and doing the most titan damage.

I can’t really go wrong either way, just want some opinions. 2 Weeks after getting final tonic and I haven’t pulled the trigger.


I would choose Evelyn because of the elemental debuff, making your green titan team much stronger -> bigger titan hit, more mats. You can also pair her with a green hitter in war and raifs.

I’d choose Gregorian and Buddy. You don’t really have any big Green hitters fast enough to follow Evelyn to take advantage of her debuff in wars. And the crit bonus + Buddy isn’t far behind what Evelyn can bring vs a blue titan. Gregorian is at home vs other titans except red as well.

Yeah, been working up buddy, team 2 is my current rainbow I’m leveling. I only got Caedmon recently also who I’d like to level,

I only have Marjana lvled in Rogue, I’m working on Scarlett that has been 3/60 for too long, and will likely use emblems on Scarlett for now.

Emblems adding a lot of new considerations, Trial of Shadows I’m gonna be lacking 5 heroes.

Definitely Evelyn. She makes your titanteam hit really hard with Buddy, Gadeirus and Melendor. On top she is fast AND dispells in raids.
The extra damage from her debuff is way better than the crit from Greg. On top she heals if you stack in raids. I‘d do Evelyn without a doubt.

As reference: Evelyn and Buddy bumped my best titanhits up to 90k+ on blue 12*. Greg could never achieve that.


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