An idea for titan team: Ranvir+Kiril+Wilbur?

I have a question for the veterans. Despite having decent heroes in my roster I have had poor (relative to my TP) results in fighting Titans. I have been trying to color stack but ıt was always very board dependent. Now I am experimenting with teaming up heroes whose specials stack up. My latest idea is the following combo:

Ranvir 3.70 (7 on special) +
Kiril 3.60 (full special) +
Wilbur 3.60 (full special)

I can supplement this with 2.60 Marjana, 3.60 Grimm, 3.70 Horghall and 2.60 Seshat.

For these levels I do not need any mats and many are already at or near this level. My question is does this sound like a good titan team setup? Any advice regarding stacking specials in a different way?

I’m not a vet, per se - but I have been trying out a very similar setup recently against green titans over the past month or so. It’s still board dependent, but I’ve had some of my biggest hits to date using the following:

Ranvir (3/70)
Marjana (3/70)
Kiril (4/70)
Wilbur (4/70/4)
Inari (4/80/3)

I know people don’t love Inari vs titans, but I’m having a lot of success with her and Wilbur keeping my boy Ranvir alive long enough to at /least/ fire twice. 20k scores more regular, 30k plus scattered in…i feel like I just need to get Ranvir over the 3/70 hump asap.

Not sure how helpful that was, but definitely interested in seeing what advice you get from others. :smile:

Yes focus on +att allies, +att stack allies, -def titan and -def element titan.
Here is what you can compare with your rosters.

Titan +Att -Def -Def (Element) +Att Stack Rest Strong color
Red Kiril Athena/Grimm/Isarnia/Ulmer/Valen Frida/Atrhur Miki/Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak Blue Heroes
Blue Gaderius*/Brienne Buddy Evelyn Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Green Heroes
Green Zimkitha/Ares*/Boldtusk Wilbur/Gormek/Santa Falcon Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu/Miki Red Heroes
Yellow Khionna* Cashire Cat/Tiburtus/Kunchen/Gill-Ra Panther Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Purple Heroes
Purple - - Jackal Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak/Miki Yellow Heroes

Thanks Jinbatsu . I was not aware of this table. It is a huge help. Though, I have none of the -def heroes. Might still get a better consistency with my titan attacks

I like markana and seshat as my snipers. But they need mats to get to tier 3. When they are both 3.70 I will be fielding some serious fast hitters

IMO for Titans, it’s not about damage from special skills, but more on tile damages. Hence, like mentioned earlier, better to focus on +Att allies >> -Def Titan >> -Att Titan >> +Def allies for longevity. Riposte can help as well to add damage to titan, when they attack and not stunned all the time.
Have been attacking *9/*10/*11 titans and they can kill maxed 4-star heroes in one shot.

Absolutely right. But it is tile damage that kills the titans. An emblemed Grimm has over 800 attack. If you can protect him for example with a damage distributer like Wilbur you can have very good hits . buffs and debuffs are good if you also have high tile damage. All in all, synergy between hero specials is very underrated among even long time players

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