Alfrike is too powerful

If it is cascade you can’t control this, even G. Owl will take you out

Exactly for this reason she it’s VS, one VS hero must be powerful from the others

Again she itd very slow hero and she must be powerful from the others, but tell me how many Alfrike you fight for the day because I can’t find and one, means that she is not as good in defense as you all do, yes if she fire it’s devasting but the key word here is if, if you can’t beat her it means you can’t beat Kunchen either, which almost no one uses anymore, so think about whether it’s her fault or yours.


I suppose it COULD be tile luck, but I’ve made it a point to test that lately, by always accepting a match with Alfrike as Lead. And it’s not that my team is slow, I’m fielding Kingston, Magni, Joon, and Grazul (to counter the Mind-control), so I’ve got cannons blazing as soon as possible. But generally speaking, if I inadvertently get a cascade of a 3x combo within the first 3 turns - that’s all it takes for her to fire. I’m toast.

UNLESS I happen to get two sets of red tiles before she fires (Grazul) - in which case I can at least block the worst of her abilities. But even then, that’s EXTREMELY case-dependent.

That’s true, I can’t control Cascades. But even just a 3-cascade is usually enough to fire her before I’m ready. And in any case, that’s still something that has to be taken into account to keep the game balanced.

Um, generally I encounter between at least 2 and at most 5 front-row Alfrikes in a day. I play a LOT of raids - usually 15ish-20 matches, so on average I’ll see her pop up once every 3 to 10 matches.

She’s not as common as Telluria, for example, but people do indeed commonly play her in front-row Defense. So much so that I see her at least a few times every day.

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Well, yes, that will happen regardless of the tank. I just went through a Gravemaker tank and it took about 3 turns before he fired. I can get the odd inadvertent cascade, but doesn’t happen on a regular basis.

Personally I run Zimkitha, Joon, Malosi, c-Chao/Bai Yeong, Rigard against purple tanks. It generally works well enough and can kill Alfrike with tiles before she gets halfway charged. Assuming I match at least 2 sets of yellow, Malosi will render her somewhat harmless. At 3 sets, Joon and c-Chao/Bai Yeong are usually enough to finish her off. Of course, if I get a horrible board where I can’t even match 2 sets of yellow, I’m going to lose, but again, that isn’t something that happens all the time.

So what trophy range are you raiding? I’m usually around 2600 level and barely see her.

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That’s why she is very slow. There are many heroes to combat her. Any mindless attack works well. Hel stops the mana generation My favorite is Lord Loki. He is average speed. If you use him to fire Alfrike’s special, it’s pretty awesome. You’ll basically have an average speed Alfrike or any other hero you want or need at the time. A healer of you need it or a hitter if you need it, but using him to fire Alfrike’s special is so much fun.

Well yeah, but if it happens regardless the tank, then - that whole thing: “But she’s VS” becomes kinda meaningless. She’s more or less as fast as most others. But MUCH more devastating.

As far as my trophy range, I usually start at around 2300 (after reprisals), and finish around 2600ish or so, by the time I’m done. So, same ballpark as you, maybe a hair lower.

Let’s put it this way. I’ve had Richard kill me as a tank because I get the odd bad board, and inadvertent cascade that charges him up. I’m not going to complain that he should be nerfed because of a bad circumstance. Like I said, with few exceptions, when I face Alfrike she doesn’t go off. Maybe you should post some videos of your raids because your experience is quite different from mine. Since it seems that you’re arguing that she fires all the time.


I’m going to start making a point of recording them.

So, here’s my video. I may have made a questionable move or two, but I did hit Alfrike with a small cascade of dead tiles, and even after 3 moves she wasn’t close to being charged (killed her with my fourth move).

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It’s not about very bad board, it’s about surviving chances ONCE enemy’s tank has fired. I can survive Telluria’s 1-2 fires usually, cause often I just have built my board by then and can counter with my heroes.

But with Alfrike it’s different. Often I am one turn away from charging all my heroes, but Alfrike fires and somehow I had it 95% of times, that she casts the cubes on ALL of my heroes, blocking everything - heal, dispell, attack etc…But it would already be enough if she blocks the healer… From this point, you can’t do ANYTHING at all, just “slowly” die. No other hero does that!

Additionally, if you encounter Alfrike in raids, she is usually on full emblems and has fast troops, making her at least “slow”. Plus, she has very good health and armor - boosted with emblems she is simply mega op!

And the last thing - we are just talking about Alfrike here, but usually enemy has 4 other heroes in his team as well. Something like Finley, Gravemaker, Vela and Odin… Or new Ninja/Valhalla set-ups. Good luck fighting that… :smiley:

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This is running around in circles. Yes IF she fires you are in trouble. The fact that in my experience, she almost never fires in tank position means that we are doing completely different situations. You talked about almost charging all your heroes, which to my mind makes me think why? Again, in my experience, I find that usually one color is favored, so I would simply concentrate on firing one hero rather than trying to time all the heroes at once.

It would be worthwhile for you to post an example, but just a general suggestion, if your raid team is consistently losing, then maybe you should consider changing your team. I bet if you ran even 1 Chao, you could probably prevent Alfrike from ever firing if that is your concern.

Edit. Well I did post a video with a defense that included Finley, Drake, Jabberwocky, and costume Marjana.


I think I know why our experiences against Alfrike are so very different -

You are naturally very lucky. And I am not.

Because even with three fast cannons, and Zulag to block, she fires first around 80% of the time. WAY more often than not.

I think Alfrike is the most interesting and well done hero of the year, honestly.

In a world dominated by fast/very fast heroes, she is still desirable and fun (with a touch of unpredictable outcome) at a very slow speed.
Simply great job.

I would really love to see 3 or 4 other heroes strong like her at very slow speed.


I would be ok with that provided they made a tweak or two to help balance her specific abilities. Even if it’s as simple as introducing a couple more Heroes that’re able to block her, like Malosi or Grazul. As it stands now, there might be only half a dozen that can, and - well we all know how the luck of the card-draw goes for 5*s… And if you don’t have one of those half-dozen, then … yer kinda screwed.

As @Quinn3 pointed out, strategy employed may be the key. Some players struggle against Alfrike. I don’t have an issue with her. She is very slow. Period. She crumbles in just 4 favorable tiles directed at her using my mono yellow team. I don’t need my heroes’ specials to kill her.


Same for me. I usually kill her with tiles, using 3/1/1 yellow stack (because I’m not very fond of mono). Since I bring Lord Loki in the party, I find her less threatening than before, even though she’s painful if she manages to fire. She’s a monster, but not undestroyable. As she is very slow, you don’t really need specific heroes to counter her.

If you means everyone else on the board then yes. Maybe you are just naturally unlucky. Or maybe instead of running with your current team, you try switching it up. If the concern is that when she fires is an issue, THEN STOP her from firing with mana controllers. Why not show a video of your raid so we can see Alfrike charge within 2 turns, which is what you are saying.

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Usually it’s actually 3-4 turns. 2 turns happens, but not terribly often, and like was brought up earlier, there’s nothing you can do about an unlucky cascade, which is how the ‘2 turns’ happens.

That said - perhaps I AM unlucky, because I suffer from a perpetual issue of getting a hugely disproportionate number of Yellow 5* Heroes, and I’m severely lacking in 5s of other colors. In Blue, I’ve only got one single “Cannon” (Magnus). In Red, I don’t have ANY cannons. Grazul and two Khagansare literally all of my Red 5s. In Yellow, I have - I ■■■■ you not - a DOZEN 5s. Problem is, a lack of Poison Darts (I get a disproportionate number of Mystic Rings - go figure…), I only have four 5s that are actually Maxed, and only one is a Cannon.

And yes, I realize that four 5* Yellows is probably enough to kill her with just yellow tiles. But it also yields an unwieldly team, and - that’s kind of my problem across all colors - due to my color imbalance of 5* Heroes, I only really have two teams that are truly cohesive, ability-wise.

So what Yellow 5* heroes do you have? Many either control mana or cause blindness, both of which are useful against Alfrike. I only go 3 yellow, and one is a 4* Chao (albeit with emblems and costume), but that’s more than enough firepower when you consider that Joon hits hard and causes blindness and Malosi negates special effects.

This one hero totally ruins every rush attack 5* tourney, which is just stupid.
This hero needs to take another path, towards better use for regular raids and miles away from current “5* rush attack owner”


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