Alfrike is too powerful

Agree…I’ve lost three times in the current tourney already and ALL were to +20 Afrike tanked teams. It’s literally down to your starting board whether you win or lose and if she hits your cleansers if she does go off (hint, she always does). Afrike is just way too powerful for this format. They need to have more 5* VF tourneys that exclude purple and make all other VF tourneys extremely rare. This one hero is too dominant.


I only fear Alfrike in rush attack tournaments. Otherwise she is pretty easy to deal with.


Agree, but she is basically insta-win in the VF tourneys. She’s COMPLETELY broken in this format. I lost my 4th battle today (ALL FOUR TO AFRIKE TANKED TEAMS)! I know immediately after one move whether I’m winning or not. That’s stupid. It’s not fun. It’s just luck. The game has a lot of luck to be sure, but in every other tourney format I’m top 1% but this one. This one I can’t even survive past the third day solely due to Afrike.


She’s very slow, there are many ways to counter her and if she fires it’s possible to wait out the mindless attack. Stop crying.


The problem is not Alfrike.

But the other ailing slow and very slow heroes. Because of them…
they make these rush game modes to give those heroes rare value.

So now time travel and figure out why the slow and very slow heroes became less useful than they used to be…
wait for Boss Wolf’s costume. And maybe then they can do away with these ridiculous game modes

Why is she too powerful? I mean I don’t like her. She’s good. I’ll stack some yellows against her.

The problem IS Afrike in the VF tourney. She is fine everywhere else. She’s over the top broken in the VF format. You basically have to stack yellow and hope you get the tiles immediately, or bring a mana controller and hope you get those tiles…because when she goes off on the second or third turn due to tile cascades it is basically over. At that point you have to pray she doesn’t hit all of your cleansers and that you have one charged to fire. It’s just a crapshoot.

Agree. I quit this week’s raid tourney after my second battle on Day 2 (yesterday), after having faced off against Alfrike tank teams for already the second time in this tourney. Super frustrating when you cannot even make 2 matches of your chosen color (I have > level 11 mana troops on all of my attack heros), or a bloody cascade sets-off Alfrike… If she goes off in rush attack, it’s extremely frustrating to recover (if recover).

So if there was no:

Everything would be fine. Except then, all the other slow and very slow heroes collect dust until…the next event comes when you can give them mana pots.

It seems we are in agreement :+1:

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Not in rush attack (she is VF), which is what I believe a lot of these players (myself included) are complaining about.


Yeah agreed, but she basically doesn’t allow me to have fun with my slow 5* heroes the one time I maybe could…LOL. She is head and shoulders above all other slow/VS heroes and just negates everything.

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Very fast game modes are absolutely ridiculous!

They created them for the exact same reason that they made costumes for S1 heroes…


what the scariest think i saw on youtube…MN Alfrike Alby , those hi diamond league struggle to beat those combo…

Yes, and we have to deal with them in not only tourneys, but wars too. Speed takes the remaining skill left in this game out of the equation.


She is not bad at all, I have faced her multiple times in this tourney and taking 3 yellow has seen her off every time. I find LotL far more annoying in VF tourneys.

So…you’ve been luckier against Afrike than you are against LotL. A red stack will eliminate LotL much easier than a yellow stack on the more defensive Afrike. But that’s the problem…it’s just luck at these speeds.

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Certainly the slow LOTL is also good in this broken game format.
Yet strangely not as present in top:

It seems the Very Slow hero is better, once LOTL is triggered it is still possible to fire a skill. But for Alfrike…
Not so much…

Alfrike is worthy of her speed,
Which is not a broken thing!
The fast format is…
just ask yourself why they make
a Rush format?


My score against Alfrike as a tank in this tourney is 2/2 with a team: Gullinbursti, Malosi, Proteus, Zocc, Melendor (I would use Heimdall, but don’t have 2 green mana troops lvl 11). All of these heros can be charged with 6 tiles. So, 2 matches in any of 3 different colours and Alfrike is under control. I admit, there will be a battle in which I can’t make those 2 mathes. But tbh, she’s not the only scary tank in situation when you don’t have any of your tiles…
In regular raids (with her being very slow), I actually like to face her.

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Yes, but i find that Alfrike going off is much more manageable than lotl, once those mana stealing damn minions start up its a real pain. It’s very unusual for alfrike to cripple all 5 of your heroes, so you have options once she goes off

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This card is OP. Very slow doesn’t even matter. LOL

Ed: When I compare 5 stars the last few years (especially with older 5’s) I’ve been thinking they may need to make a 6 star category.

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