Alfrike is too powerful

As a map villain, she seems like she’ll be a formidable foe, but as a playable character, she’s too difficult to overcome. As other characters were nerfed, please do the same to her.

At very slow, she should be beatable. Bring mana controllers


One more nerf/buff thread… :roll_eyes: Maybe its time to create an own forum category for those? :thinking:

But, ok: I don’t think Alfrike is op. The slower the mana of a hero, the harder should it hit/heal or the better needs its special to be. As Alfrike has very slow mana, her special is good as is. It needs a good amount of stones to fill her mana and bring her special to fire - both, in offense and defense.

By the way, if all heroes got nerfed or buffed to equality, what’s the matter of playing anymore? The game needs differences in hero power and some better and some less good heroes. :wink:


Change Alfrike very slow to avg. She is too weak.


I feel like this is all I’m seeing on the forum these days.
Any more of these kind of threads and I’m going to need to take on a sabbatical much sooner than planned.

Why not nerf the whole game? Surely then “everyone” will be happy with it?


That might not work as intended. If every hero is nerfed, the “strong” heroes will still be strong in comparison to others… and thus the nerf threads will continue… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My apologies, oh great one!
My hissy fit for the day has been paused now, I will resume a little late after completing my reports :slight_smile:


Nice joke.

She has the slowest mana gain possible in the game.

Just how do you imagine nerfing her, make her ultra slow?

As opposed to ‘other characters’ which you mention, she was released balanced - she has pros and cons, and can be easily countered by proper selection of specials as you can easily charge your heroes before she goes off.


She is very powerfull indeed. But at the same time she is very slow mana. So i think that balances her. If she fires, it’s serious damage. But most times she probably won’t, especially in raids.

That’s pretty much the whole point of slow/very slow mana. They are small nuclear bombs, game changers. As the mana gets slower, the SS should get stronger.


Well, we might… Wait… No, i will not bring up any ideas in case SG exceptionally is listening… :grin:
By the way, do not even think about ‘ultra slow mana’, SG! :face_with_monocle:

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She is manageable because of her very slow mana.
She should be change to slow mana in order to make her more interensting and challenging to face


We have already under the #hero-balance tag. If you don’t want to see or hear anything on the Buff / Nerf front simply mute the #hero-balance tag:

Instructions on muting #hero-balance:
🔔 Watching or Ignoring Hero Balance/Buff/Nerf Threads

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I’m glad to hear this since Alfrike is the only 5* I’ve been able to pull from Valhalla.

Gotta love it…I’m underpowered so heros will have to be made weaker for me.


Change her mana speed to Unobtanium Mana (This Hero can never gain mana or charge her special)

Rename her special to

The E&P Way:
All enemies are immediately killed.

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Oh no, not again. Nerf her to very very slow

Yes Alfrike is too strong. Nerf her to never gain mana mode. :grin::grin::grin:.
Nerf Aife as well. So powerful. :grin::grin::grin:

Make all heroes equal and rename the game.

Communism & Boredom



She is too op in this current tourney. Outside of the tourney it’s not too bad. But mega op here EVEN considering the special tourney rules

That’s one week a year vSlow Alfie will shine over all.

But there are also others that are op on rushs.

Boss, LotL, North, Alby, icy Isa, KillHer and even cQuin without holy…

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