Aino worth a LB

Like the title says. Worth it? Never really had a 5s healer to put on defense, so I’m not sure if it’s worth it. This is what my current defense is vs what it would be with aino.

What yall think?

She’s an amazingly powerful healer. Personally she’d be one of my top blues to limit break…hope I get her someday.


I got her and plan to LB, alot of people dont like LB healers but they are the heroes least likely to be replaced on your roster over time… while there are better damage dealers every month!

Your frida is also a good choice, elemental debuff is always valuable

I just maxed her and will LB her when I get one more 5* Aether… cleanse then heal then put a mana curse and turn all enemies into very/slow mana… she’s a boss

I’d say if you plan to use her a lot, go for it!

She recently got LB and has very good stats :slightly_smiling_face::muscle:


defense seems to be almost on par with Ariel. Not bad

Even her stats are better than Ariel in costume

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I got Aino today and I can choose between a second Ariel C and her. Yeah, the stats are a bit better on Aino minus the defense when you add the costume bonus to Ariel.

Let’s just call them nearly even stat wise. Ariel boosts health and givens mana over time, two really powerful skills for a healer. The biggest advantage I see from Aino is she cleanses first. Im not sure that her slight stat bump, the cleanse and the reduced mana gen are enough to push me to level her. We shall see.

All that said, I think she’s a really good healer, just not sure how I’d work her into my play style yet. Cheers!

EDIT: also, as far as LBs, I LB ALL my healers. They have to survive the longest in order to be useful. I don’t get why people would avoid breaking healers. They’re the cornerstone of my raid/war offense. I take two healers into battle in 95% of my raids.

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She’s on my raid defense, and is my only pure 5* healer. I use her plenty when i raid and in war. Especially on offense, that passive mana bump will save you fairly often and i imagine can be a pain for people attacking you if they forget about the passive or they dont kill her in time. No regrets herr, i was very fortunate to get her because prior to her my roster lacked a solid pure healer