Active player looking for strong, supportive alliance (slightly new)

Hello everyone,

So I’ve only been playing this game for about a week now so still pretty new. Not the best yet but I’m learning the ropes. I have two teams, but I’m primarily training one. It’s an all 4* team, second ascension, team level around 2400, have about 600+ trophies. I participate in all the wars even if I don’t always do great, and titan fights.

Id like a strong, friendly chill alliance to support me and help me grow stronger. I want to be a part of something.

Side note: why tf is it so hard to get 5* heroes? I’ve literally never gotten one…

Cream of the Crop is a training alliance and would love to have you! We have a great balance of players, all we ask is for you to be active.

Hello, we have one place in our alliance called the SIXTH ELEMENT. We are a chill alliance with friendly members, and just ask for daily activity if possible. We are currently hitting 6*/7* titans (highest being an 8* Volcanic Dragon). We have no minimum trophy requirements and I always try to help everyone with whatever info I gather from the forum. You can come and check us out for a few days, if you like you can stay. :slight_smile:

Hey dnels at Rohn’s War Zone we try to help everyone.
We just beat a 7* titan
Come join us

Check Zero genesis, the training alliance of the Zero alliance family! We have 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles. Common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

5* heroes can be get from pulls and from training camp 20. Getting them is easier than leveling them - need a lot of feeders and high level ascension materials! You might want to focus on getting up a rainbow 3* or 4* team first. That would help you in getting more mats for the 5* heroes. I still use same color feeding for maximising feeder effeciency (more xp per feeder).

Check Zero genesis! :blush:

Anyone interested Rising Tides is actively recruiting so come check us out!

Check out our sister alliance the Cheshire Cat:

There are more around your level there, but also some stronger players, that can provide helpful tips. We also have a joined line-group (not mandatory, but helpful).

Ps I got my first 5* after 9 months I think, I have now about 17-18 maxed 5*, it will work out eventually, it’s a slow grinding game.

Crimson Avengers would love to have you. Experienced players to help you grow

Check out Gnomes Gone Wild. Its a competitive mid tier allianve and you are a good fit as we can help you grow and we can progress at the same time while experiencing the content together. Cheers!

No sister alliances new we in your boat too come to forest fighters

1776 MAGA has spots available. We would love for you to join and see if it is the right place for you.
In spite of the name, we are not a political group. We take down 7- 8* titans and working on 9. War participation is not required as long as you opt out. We require you hit the titan, but if you miss one it’s not the end. Our members level from 26 to 54.

Apocalypse 831 is looking for members. Only real requirement is to use all war hits. You are welcome to join us.

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