Up and coming

We are a small alliance of 9 currently. We all moved over from an old alliance where the leader disappeared. We are currently getting 3 and 4 star titans but struggle defeating 4 star. So we are looking to grow. We are searching for active players that communicate in the chat. Trying to develop war strategies and keep moving up the ranks. Come join us if your interested.

ZERO is a family if alliances, playing on different levels. We have common Line chat across all family alliance for knowledge sharing and fun.

Our newest training alliance, ZERO Origins have spots for all of you if you are interested. Hit up our leader on Line: djlite247.

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Appreciate the offer but I think we are more interested in building up what we currently have than abandoning it all together and joining something else…that’s how we started this alliance. All the active players from our previous alliance left and started fresh


Well keep us in mind…


Fair enough, thanks for feedback. Wish you good luck!

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