Active & Organized Alliance Looking for a few players like you

Hi everyone. Alliance Recruitment in-game can be a vacuum, so I hope that by posting here, it finds the eyes of interested participants. We’re looking for a few dedicated gamers who are about L25-L40 with war teams and depth. We emphasize depth over single team strength. Cups don’t matter, we’re just looking for the right people to join us. Even a F2P’er with 6 teams at 2500 would have an excellent home with us. We’re all very much engaged and all of us participate daily. 7*-8* Titans are our norm. We have an active Line chat where everything game-related is discussed, including war strategies and hits.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you’re interested, please send me a reply message, a Line request to “Azerothians” or simply send an invite request to Azerothians in-game. We’ll look forward to having you join our very friendly, funny, tight-knit group of gamers.

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