541-Titan Slayers [TFG] Recruiting/Looking for a Merger

Hello everyone! 541-Titan Slayers [TFG] is recruiting.

We are currently at 20/30 members and looking to fill up 8 or so of those spots to leave room for members currently visiting other alliances.

A bit about our approach:


  • Due to a few member losses, we are now in the 12-13* titan range, but we’re able to chain 14* when full.
  • If we are not passing, we expect a minimum 100k damage per member per titan (not per flag because that isn’t necessarily possible for everyone).
  • Having said that, we are willing to waive that if we see players making an effort since we know not everyone may have the right team for each titan. Really, the main goal is to have everyone putting in the effort to move the alliance forward so that everyone can get mats to grow.
  • We also know that real life comes first so give a monthly free pass with no questions asked on titan hits, and make allowances for any unavailability communicated ahead of time.


  • We do coordinate tank colors but do not stick to just purple like most alliances.
  • Every time rush rolls around again, we switch to a new color after putting out a poll via line so our members can have their pick. We go through all 5 colors, and best tanks before starting the cycle anew. We are currently running blue tanks.
  • We expect all war flags to be used if opted in.


  • We do not really do much for alliance quests or mythic titans as a group, because aiming for higher ranks is very item intensive, and we do not believe the rewards justify that level of commitment.
  • We do use line for communication and it is highly recommended, but not required.
  • We are an English speaking alliance.
  • We are part of the TFG alliance family, so if we are not the right fit, perhaps one of our sister alliances might be.

If you are interested in learning more or popping over for a visit, feel free to reach out to me here or via line (Line ID: igh13).


10 spots are still open

There are spots available

Spots are open for those interested

There are still 10 spots open

We are still looking for new players/friends