7 flags war

One of our alliance members got 7 flags in war - 4 in the first half, 3 in the second half…
He actually attacked 7 times.
Luckily for our opponents he had the weakest teams so low or no points gained.
But the fact that he got 7 flags worries me.
See the printscreens


Hello ppl,
Our enemy hited 7 times. Even 2 times was 0, still not fair. Truppa4* entro gennaio
image image image

This is really strange… What is this?! Should we worry about this?!

@Petri, @Kerridoc, @Rook, @JonahTheBard

Second time I see this being mentioned now after last update. And should already be solved before.
So maybe some old code got back in the game?
@Petri can you please notify the correct people?

There was a report of this a few days ago from the other side, someone saying an alliance mate was able to use 7 flags. Sounds like it may be an issue.

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And again, the situation is repeating it already 8 !!! Attack of the player Yeroy15Screenshot_20190120-153129

He has done 3 attacks and have been attacked 3 times. Nothing wrong here

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Please post the rest of the attack history. In your post only three attacks by Yeryo 15y are visible.

Just the same as in another of today’s topics, 7 flags in war?!?, some of the attacks are resulting in 0 damage. Strange bug, but harmless as it seems so far.

And one more, resulting in 0 damage, also… 7 flags war. It seems it will not influence the outcome of the war. Maybe the attacks didn’t really take place, they just show on the attack history with 0 damage done for some reason.

@Kerridoc Another one that should probably merge to 7 flags war …and then rename that thread to clarify it covers 7 and 8 flags for searching purposes.

Maybe sometimes when you do 0 damage, the game lets you retry. :smiley:

There was a bug a few weeks back that affected a few players where during their attack their game crashed and all progress they made during the attack was lost resulting in 0 damage being done and a flag being lost.

I reckon this is related to that bug and that anyone who fell out before the attack started are no longer losing the flag but the record of the bugged attempt at a battle is still being logged with a 0 hit as each of these examples seems to have a 0 or two hits in there.

Granted this is just a guess but if that is the case they’re not getting any unfair advantage from it as the hit they were doing was totally lost anyway.

EDIT: Corrected some details regarding that bug, mis-remembered some of it.

EDIT 2: That being said it looks like the bug mentioned is still happening for some players based on this post here though in the previous cases there was no warning of a lost connection before crashing, so perhaps something else: War Glitch lost flags

This happened to somebody in my alliance as well… game crush, or connection lost, can’t recall exactly but all damage done lost, team lost, flag lost, and attack rated 0. This kind of things can cost you the war…

A component of our opponents made 7 attacks, there is something wrong in this.
THE TEAM IS Neuqén the component Coquisao.
Please let me know something.
Also the attacks were to strange seams like the use only the first team of their heroes.

@Mojitina You’re not the only one to have seen this.

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Hello all, yesterday I wanted to start farming, when (once again) the connection to server was lost. I took a Screen-shot to proof SG that my connection was fine. I was really suprised when I went back to game, that my world enery was NOT!!! gone…so I assume that the “0” Points were caused as well by lost connection and therefor flag was not reduced…in this case this would be good news! How often do we read complains about lost flags/energies because of inconnectifity of SG server. Seems solved to me :slight_smile:

Maybe think again, showing 6+ flags in the war log for one player is the opposite of solved.

Though perhaps it’s not a serious issue because in all these cases attacks that failed early and showed 0 points were allowed to be re-tried. If this is the case, then the 0 points failed attacks just need to not appear in the war log. (and by failed i mean failed by computers, not humans)

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