War Issue Extra Flags

Posting here first to see if anyone else has the same problem before submitting ticket. I’m posting for a friend.
Today he watched someone attack 4 teams total in war 2 on different teams and another 2 on same team. That person was able to use 4 war flags consecutively before the war flag regeneration wait time. Anyone else have this issue? Screenshot below

you should open a support ticket.

my guess is that it’s just a reporting error showing the same 0 hit twice. My reasoning being its extremely unlikely in a non healing aid war to get 0 points from anything other than a network connection loss. and to have that happen with a glitch to give an extra flag and then get 0 points again vs same opponent is statistically almost impossible.

So my educated guess is just a screen reporting bug bt you shouls open a support ticket.

Thanks, figured it was some type of glitch

I agree with @Dante2377 that this is likely a display glitch, but also wanted to note this other curious bug report:

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