541-Titan Slayers recruit 1 member(s) [friendly & semi-competitive, (must hit daily) 14* titans, FFA wars, rotating tank colors]

541-TITAN SLAYERS is looking for 1 active member(s) to help us round out our team.

Our alliance is a friendly, supportive, semi-competitive group. A bit more on what this means:

  • We expect everyone to hit the titans. Zeroes on titans will result in demotions and, progressively, members who skip multiple titans in a row or who only hit once/twice per week will be removed from the alliance.
  • We are currently hitting 14* titans. We routinely provide the C and B loot cutoffs in the featured message so everyone can pick their score targets appropriately based on their roster.
  • Tired of purple tanks all the time? We are too! As such, we rotate tank color for every war cycle and are currently using blue, but we open up a poll every war cycle so everyone gets a say. We coordinate defenses, but have a more lax attitude regarding offense. (Hence semi-competitive. We like winning, but also want to have fun, so are open to less than optimal strategies if it means everyone is enjoying the game more). War participation is not required, though we do expect all war flags to be used if opted in.
  • Alliance Quest participation is optional. We recommend at least one level for minimum loot, but do not compete as an alliance.
  • We don’t normally push for Mythic Titan, but last time we got ~850th.
  • When full strength, we rank 700-800th as an alliance.

We use Line as a supplemental form of communication, and while it is not required, it is heavily preferred as it makes it easier for us to provide roster advice and share videos or screenshots.

Having your roster in HeroPlan is also optional, but we think it is a great tool that facilitates roster sharing and advice.

If you think 541-Titan Slayers may be the right fit for you, or would like to request more information, feel free to reach out via a response to this post, or via Line (Line ID: acrossthedark).

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2 spots are available!

2 spots are available! :slight_smile:

2 spots are still open :disguised_face:

2 spots still available :pinched_fingers:

2 spots are still open!

2 spots are still open :slight_smile:

last opening is available! :rotating_light:

still last opening available! :face_in_clouds:

last spot is available! :boom:

last opening is still available! :nerd_face:

last spot is open! :saluting_face:

last spot still available!

Hi. What is the name of the alliance leader please ?

sorry, I read your question wrong and gave another answer. I asked him his Line ID. his in-game name is Voodoo

v00d00zer0mied0 on Line :slight_smile:

1 spot is still open! :cowboy_hat_face:

last spot is still available! :upside_down_face:

last spot is open! :alien:

last spot is still open! :rotating_light: