541-Titan Slayers looking for active members (no spot available atm, simple war strategy, ALL war flags used, hit Titan daily, laidback, competitive, active, from 12 to 14* Titans)


  • minimum defense team 4600

Do you have a strong roster of heroes but don’t want to feel pressured by too strict rules? Or are you building your teams and need advice to improve and grow? Either way, you can join us!

We are friendly, supportive, we are laid back but also competitive, and fight every war until the end.

Whenever we need to find the right synergy between our heroes, we ask other members to battle and test new possible teams.

We have a lively atmosphere in our alliance, we always help each other and try to improve every day, from an individual point of view, but, more importantly, as a team.

We need active members to hit Titans daily (unless it is stated otherwise) and, if you opted in for wars, to use ALL of your flags.

We use a common tank in war (ice for now), but we rotate after every war cycle.

We don’t fight time-coordinated wars, but we do have a simple war strategy and all members need to follow it:

  • try to oneshot a team
  • if your team isn’t strong enough, let anyone else take care of it and wait for a cleanup
  • if you couldn’t oneshot the team, other lower teams will take the cleanup

If you don’t want to fight in wars, war is not mandatory, but you STILL need to hit Titans. We are currently slaying from 12 to 14* Titans.

We use Line for strategy, advice, formations, or for simply exchanging information.

No mercs or players who just want to grab loot and then leave.

Top 700-800 alliance.

Join us, you won’t regret it!

P.S. If you have any question or are still undecided if joining us, message me using my Line ID (acrossthedark) and I’ll try to clarify every point you want to understand better.

1 spot still available :slight_smile:

1 spot is still available.
We’re a great alliance and an amazing group of people,
come check us out! :slight_smile:

We still have 1 spot available :slight_smile:

1 spot still available :slight_smile:

1 spot still available
come check our alliance :slight_smile:

we still have 1 spot available! :slight_smile:

1 spot available,
read the info at the top and see if you could be interested in joining us :slight_smile:

1 spot is still open
come and join us! :slight_smile:

2 spots available now!
read the info above and if you’re interested, join us! :slight_smile:

2 spots available!
read the description of our alliance and if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to reach to me or join us :slight_smile:

2 spots still open!
if you have any questions, message me on Line (details above)

2 spots still open!
join our amazing alliance :slight_smile:

2 spots open in our alliance!
we’re a great group, come and join us! :slight_smile:

2 spots are still open!
come check us out :slight_smile:

2 spots still open!
read the description above and come check us out :slight_smile:

2 spots still available!
join us or contact me if you’re interested! :slight_smile:
my ID is on the first post, in the alliance description

1 spot is still available!
come check us out :slight_smile:

1 spot available!
check if we’re the right alliance for you!

still place for 1 more member if anyone’s interested :slight_smile: