4* yellow dilemma: second Jackal or Gretle?


Hi guys! I just did few Grimforest pulls and got Gretle * . * I already have wu and a jackal maxed and now I have a dilemma…ascend a second Jackal or go for Gretle? I am mainly interested in Titans and events.
Thank you in advance!


You won’t go wrong with either one. Since you already have Jackal, you might want Gretel for the mana control. If you have Hansel, I’d probably do a second Jackal


That’s definitely a tough choice. Double jackal is lethal and makes appearances in lots of top event teams. I imagine double jackal is better first, but gretel definitely deserves her mats too. Can’t go wrong either way like pink said. The part that sticks out to me between the two is that even though greytel’s ability is amazing it’s average speed, and jackal being very fast is just so tempting. And his special is good to double up on or even just to have two separate teams with jackal on them for wars. High attack stat. I personally wouldn’t have this dilemma since I have 12 orbs and nothing interesting to use them on, the clear answer is just ascend both and now I’m realizing I’m a drunken rambler. Anyways I vote jackal first.


I did Gretel before a second Jackal, but I’ve found I use the new Jackal more now that I have him as well.


I would go with Gretel. Her special will give you an increase in precious seconds by preventing the titan from using it’s way too long special animation. You have to time it right though so there is a possibility it goes off after the special runs or before you’re able to fire. For events she hits three so that’s pretty useful and she has pretty decent tile damage.


Gretel. She can save your a** at times during raids.


Since you already have a leveled Jackal do Gretel, her special is very useful. But when she’s done level the other Jackal, because 2 are better than one.