3 star heroes for special events?

So I know not everyone does the rare category for the special events, but I’d be curious to know what everyone thinks about which heroes work best for that category. Any thoughts? Don’t have to post specifically by special event, e.g. Pirates of Corellia, in general is cool. But … if you want to be specific I’d be happy to hear what you think!!

Really the same sorts of heroes that are good amongst 4-5* apply for 3* too:

  • Healers: Hawkmoon, Belith
  • Snipers: Bane, Gan Ju, Balthazar, Berden, Namahage, Nashgar, Gato, Valen, Mnesseus, Tyrum, Hisan, Wabbit, Rudolph
  • Dispellers: Mnesseus, Tyrum, Belith
  • Attack Buffers: Brienne, Melia, Namahage
  • Defensive Buffers: Gato, Rudolph
  • Attack Debuffers: Berden
  • Defense Debuffers: Valen, Ulmer
  • Spirit Link: Kailani, Gunnar
  • Mana Control: Gan Ju, Azar, Rudolph
  • Blind: Bane

Certainly not an exhaustive list, and many of the heroes are in more than one category (which is part of what makes these ones most useful), but that’s a good start.

In terms of which is best suited to each event, if you’re going for completion and perhaps an extra WE flask for a moderate rank, any decent mix of these leaving out the reflected color will do.

If you’re looking to be competitive, you’ll want to lean heavily toward fast snipers and go for good boards. You won’t need healers or defense helpers, because you’ll be going for quick kills from sniping and items; by the time surviving becomes an issue it’s been too slow a run to score extremely well. Top competitive teams often have multiple of the best strong color hero for that event or event stage, and are often only 1 or 2 colors so they’re easier to charge all at once from a combo.


Thanks so much for the response! Was looking for a post of some sort that goes into more detail of the best 3 stars for the events. This was very helpful even more than I hoped for!

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You’re welcome, glad it’s helpful!

Pirates should be coming up in a couple days, good luck! :slight_smile:

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That’s what I was thinking. I thought it was coming on Tuesday tho lol. So I know on this event we will need yellow heros as it reflects purple.

They normally start the second Thursday of each month.

And yep! It’s a purple reflect — but keep in mind that that doesn’t mean that just yellow heroes work well.

The best guide on the event levels and bosses is here:

And you can see from that that while there are plenty of purple monsters and bosses, it’s not all of them:

On some stages you’d even be best off with red heroes.


As of right now for three * fully maxed hero’s I have…
2 Banes
1 Melia

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