3-5 Players Looking for New Home

Our Alliance has slowly faded to attrition and we’re looking for a new home to be able to do alliance quests, monster island, etc.

2 of us can hit pretty hard, 1 casual, 1 alt account, and 1 who just joined. Current alliance is “Armed and Operational”, can check our profiles there.

Prefer not too many requirements except that opted into a war must use all flags.


Hi there. Im from A World Of Pain. We do have space for you all. Our minimun cup requirement is 2400, but i can get the higher ups to lower the cup count if needed.

Line ID: photonscarlett if you are interested and open to discussions

Bearcats might be able to accommodate and we take all levels. Hit me up on discord if you would like to discuss. @g8slord

TBD is recruiting, my furst home alliance:

Super helpful alliance, not a lot of rules besides use war flags and hit titans. Amazing discord server, if you’re into that sort of thing, but not required.


I would like to offer spots in Death Punch Brigade. Except, I don’t know if you may find it below your expectations as we’re a fairly casual alliance with the main rule being if you opt into war you use flags. We usually deal with 8 - 9 star titans. Anyway, we have a discord channel and line as well if you want to discuss. But we never miss the alliance quests nor the titans for PoV. Monster Island is still a bit new and not too much interest in it at the moment, though some of us will go through it.

We have room for your crew! Feel free to check us out and see if we are a good fit - Erebor, the Lonely Mtn. Been around about 5 years now. When full we finish top 1K in AQ and MT. Hitting 13* titans now with 23 members, chain 14* when full. Daily 100K on titans requested, but we always make exceptions and accommodations for real life first! War optional, full flags expected when opted in. Hope to see you swing by! :slightly_smiling_face: Best of luck!

Join Final Ascension

Alternate Reality could be a home for you and your alliance mates. No requirements, just have fun. We also have a Line chat if you are into that.

If you want to check casual alliance that accepts everyone, feel free to visit

Irish empire titans

We hit 7-9* titans regularly, although we can hit 11* if we choose to.

No requirements except to do your best and try to spend flags if opted in for war.

Seconded for TBD. @Control_Freq is right. It’s an amazing alliance. Homely and supportive, while providing a competitive option (aka not required)

Tagging others - @Bruton @Macaque1902 @Orion_Fervor


I’ve only recently joined TBD myself, but so far my impressions have been great! For somewhere that gives a mix of friendly but competitive, whilst still leaving room for the new, up and coming players. Plenty of knowledgeable people in there… in 5 days I’ve already learnt a trick or two!


We have 3 spots open if you want to test the waters in The IronFist.

Spoiler alert… The water is lovely!

Hello hun,

Will check you current alliance.

I have attached our poster. We do require everyone to do all Alliance quests, hit the titan, which we prefer to die in 12 hours especially when chaining 14*. War is strategy, no double tapping.


@dmi, FreeRiders has room for all of you. We do only have two ish rules. The war flag thing and rare Titans are not allowed to escape.

We are currently hitting 10-11* Titans. Come take a look. You can hit me up on discord. Check out our alliance banner

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Feel free to check out Othrys United. Reasonably casual, mostly US but quite a few in other time zones. English chat. If opted in to war, flags should be used.

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Hi, @dmi,

Look no further.

Come join us at Darkness Shines.

Our portfolio of players are similar to what you have described of your team.

Our requirements:

  1. Hit Titan regularly
  2. If opt into War, use all 6 flags.

You can drop by our Alliance to take a look first, before deciding.

We have 1 x Discord Chat Group and 1 x LINE Chat Group.

Check out Ice Cream Party. We lost a few members who became dissatisfied with the game. We are international crew and active on chat and discord. All war hits and 60K on titans (we are very flexible on scheduling issues). Currently 11-12* titans but will increase as roster fills. Only request: no sorbet

East of the Equator has rm for 5 players.
We are stringing 14* titans , use all flags in wars abd have an extensive library you can use for game tips and hero advise.
Just hit the link below , it will bring you to our welcome channel where we can chat to see if we are a good fit.
Also the library is yours to keep and use rather you join us or not. Just for stopping by.

Darkness Shines would be interested.

We’re 25 members with over half of us being there for a year or more.

All flags for war are a must but opting in is entirely up to you.

We generally all run same colour tank for wars but we do switch it up a fair bit.

We don’t study numbers on titans but expect people to hit when they’re online.

We’ve been a very stable alliance in the 519 days I’ve been there, never dropping below 25 members for more than a day or two and very drama free

I can be contacted on LINE with same username as my forum or i can get a Discord contact if needed as we have some guys on there.

Relaxed but competitive and definitely not a dictatorship

Just seen ourleader Seah has already beaten me to this thread :laughing: