⚔ [1st Nov, 2020] - 80th Raid Tournament - 4* Rush Attack, No Dark/ Purple

Your best 3 yellows for this format: LiXiu, Gullinbursti, Gretel

Sadly this contradicts with your most emblemed yellows: Mist, Jackal

All ‘mindless attack’ heroes are stronger than normal…mana charges faster…effect triggers earlier.

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Going with this team. Wishing Sumle would have more emblems, but Li Xiu and Wu Kong are taking them currently. And i have really high faith the tank+flanks will do their job :smiley:


I’m going with this - it’s a bit passive, but if the central trio do their job well, it will be very hard to find space for ghosting tiles. Grimm before Jott because of defence debuf. Sumle hopefully for the finish. I remember being destroyed once by Sumle, hopefully mine will be devastating too. :slight_smile:


decided to play the blems over the colors. @BubblesUK how do you grade it prof?

also, thinking I could use some pig and mist…

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Think I’m 90% settled on this:

Grimforest bonus makes Gretel slightly less squishy (+3% atk, +5% def), and I figured if the attacker is likely to take a blue stack to my defense anyway, why make it easier for them and put a squishy Colen+0 where Gretel is? Yeah not the hardest hitting but Hansel and Gretel will prove to be giant PITAs if they go off. Put them in the corner because their special conflicts with Mist’s - don’t want either of them going off right after Mist, so wing positions makes most sense.


I made some small tweaks:

  • Regular kiril, as colen, LJ and Hu Tao already give ailments. Now you also need a dispeller.
  • Costume li, as with how I emblembed her, the costume has slightly more defense, and I like the upped damage.
  • switched kiril and LJ, so kiril goes first if they charge simultaneously

Day 1: good start, 5-0. Almost a loss against Wu Kong tank, his buf followed by Skittleskul firing was devastatting. Definitely something to be careful about.

Went to overtime once against this team, would maybe lose if the team head more fire power (maybe some hitter instead c.Boril). Was very hard to break through.

Used mainly 3-2, various combos. Sometimes 2 healers, and Sumle :heart_eyes: couple of times.

Good luck, all!


The ninjas slow down to Very Fast. I recorded a hit with Sapphire. You can see her charging up at the same rate as my other blues. She can still go up to 3x charge, it just takes more tiles.


Boril tank. Is still the (Sh**t) best tank on this. My Sonya does not had a chance to charge once Wille boril does 3 or 4 times. Bad boards on this. Already lost 3. Own the first 2, then boril came.

5-0 today
Defense is 0-1 so far.


Thanks fot sharing your video. According to this post:

Ninja heores charge mana at this rate (without troops)

x1 charge - 5 tiles
x2 charge - 10 tiles
x3 charge - 15 tiles

But according to your video, you sent 3 tiles, then 5 more (8 in total, first charge), and then 4 more (12 in total but no second charge!).

Does this mean that ninja mana speed is set to very fast, so every charge requieres 6.5 tiles?

That would mean:

x1 charge - 6.5 tiles
x2 charge - 13 tiles
x3 charge - 19.5 tiles

Is this correct?

You’re quoting the NORMAL behaviour. Not in rush attack setting.

On that same post:

That’s what I was asking. Thanks for the answer.

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Very Fast is easily the dumbest feature in this game.

Super, duper excited about this coming to wars.

I already regretted my decision.
1 attack in defense and one defeat

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So far so good. 5 attack wins and 5 defense wins out of 5. Im just 28 points behind from leaderboard’s TOP 1 player, but seems the competition is very even at this point, as I’m ranked 3100 atm. Almost lost 2 fights, one went to ‘‘higher damage’’ phase with both having 1 hero left (luckily for me i had costume Kasshrek left, so my win was pretty much quaranteed), the other one went 1v1 aswell, but didnt go to that phase yet.


Day 1

Started with 2 big fat zeroes on attack :joy: :joy: …won the other 3.

Defence got smashed once…
0:1 E

Worst start ever!

Heroes with full costume bonus (+5%) and certain classes which have a +4% mana node (druid, monk, sorcerer) load in 6 tiles in this tourney when they are emblemed +20.
Atm these are the following heroes:

Melendor, Caedmon, SonyaC

LiXiu, BoldtuskC

SkittleskullC, KashhrekC, KirilC


I had the most trouble against a Costume Little John, jeeez he kept dodging all of my special attack damage AND the special effects (from Peters + Hansel). I did make some stupid mistakes, it was him + boldtusk remaining, and like an idiot I kept trying to hit LJ, and was ignoring BT, which was obviously stupid. Eventually, I realised “kill BT first” then LJ slowly lost health with tiles and died lol.


Started 4-1 and completed Pov-challenge. Lost the first match against a boril-tank:

Went with 3 greens, and by the time they finally charged, they were all specialed and slashed to death… Big fat 0.

Defense still at 0-0


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