⚔ [1st Nov, 2020] - 80th Raid Tournament - 4* Rush Attack, No Dark/ Purple

I sincerely messed up in my haste to get my HA 10 from 9- 10. Allow me to explain. I had planned on converting my forge to a barracks for troops as soon as level 9 HA was complete. In my excitement, I literally pushed level up right away and already having one of my adv foods going, I couldn’t go back to change the forge. Now, I have no ability to level up my troops. It was one of those things like accidentally moving your knight protecting your Queen, and immediately regretting it!!!
EDIT- I had barracks the whole time until last HA level up, and was going to change it after my adv food storage was done. Smh ok


Definitely not. Mana slow down is most effective on Rush Attack.

Some thoughts. You should avoid same heroes of neutral colors…So taking BT would mean replacing Sumle probably…ending up too passive.
I am always a fan of Kiril. Normal Kiril pairs well with Gullinbursti (defense helps) while costumed Kiril increases the damage with attack down…which helps all other hitters except Gullinbursti as his damage from special attack ignores defence value.
Difficult. I think Gullinbursti is also a beast…not sure what to do.


©Li Xiu vs Reg Li Xiu this week?
Don’t know how to create a poll, but if u guys plan on using li xiu at all, could you please post ©Li or reg Li? Ty

@Vikingblood80: Gullimbursti, BT-CB+20, or c-Kiril? :wink:

Do we have any idea how the ninjas will function in this type of raid tournament? Will they go straight to 3x charge?


I don’t have her costume. I would go costumed…mana cut 10% or 20% is both just a delay of 1 match in Rush Attack…so additional 10% don’t provide a real benefit.
Costumed damge is higher and dodge of the roque is nasty.

Assuming full mana
10% cut-> 0.65 down to 5.85…1 tile missing
20% cut-> 1.3 down to 5.2…2 tiles missing

…not taking mana boni from costumes or mana nodes into account…

I am definitely more scared on LiXiu costumed this week.

Note to myself…I really shall do this long planed mana calculation and guide.


No clue. Did not start to look at it.

May be consider taking LJ to flank. You attract reds anyway.

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Among Colen, sum le and shadereave, which one to add to holy stack?

I need to replace jott with either mist or hu tao.

The downside to embleming 3* is a lot of my 4* are naked. Here’s mine. Went with Kiril instead of BT for color balance. Was going back and forth on Skittles and LJ. Decided on Skittles for the smallest of reasons, Skittles attack is slightly more than LJ and Skittles special is 6 turms vs 3.

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Wow I am really struggling with this one, mainly because purple is my main attacking deck in the 4* category. Hmmm…

Ok I know the pig is the obvious tank choice, but Mist+18 has 711 def and 1339 HP vs his 607 def and 1396 HP, so she’ll take a few more tiles. Plus she prevents buffs and slows the attackers down, which is a plus. The pig just mostly stalls you out but isn’t too threatening in terms of direct damage.

Of the three, leaning towards the third mostly because it makes stacking slightly awkward since it utilizes 4 colors and my most emblemed 4*s.

Available heroes:

(costumes weren’t showing, fixed)

Any input? @Slobix @WaVe @ApollosEmpire @Lexxtarc


I like your teams. Any reason to keep caedmon there? I think li xiu could do a better job this time. Grimm is good , def down and damage with the rush clause can be devasting.

I would change caed for li xiu and keep a yellow centre Mist-Gilinbursti-Li xiu.

Something like this

Grimm-mist-the pig-Li xiu-Colen

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Li xui seems to be a better tank Choice with the flanks of LF mist RF gully. That’s what I’m going with. ©Li xiu in fact - if she gets hit and her special goes off it’ll slow down your opponent. If mist goes off too on flank at same time, lis effect is even more devastating. I’m possibly going to make a slight tweak to my def wing but I’m not sure yet. For u hansel and Grimm are good choices too.

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Caedmon as debuffer, although I guess he somewhat overlaps with Mist. Honestly tank choice really just came down to who was the sturdiest, and Mist+18 wins hands down just because of the emblem count. Between LX and the pig, they’re basically a wash with the pig having almost 200 more HP but 100 less defense.

It’s hard because I want to balance having heroes with no weak colors vs highest emblemed heroes, especially since for rush attack the RNG factor is amplified, so disrupting or making it awkward for an attacker to stack, or trying to encourage certain colors when you know there are no counters seems like key.

So for example in my 3rd option, red/blue flanks mean you want to attack with a blue stack, which has no mana controllers ( great). Also because of the buffs and debuffs, you’ll need to bring both a cleanser and debuffer/dispeller. That’s my line of thinking anyway. But yeah I’ll need to think about this a lot more today.

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As highly emblembed as your mist is, I would put her in tank. Maybe gullinbursti as flank, or maybe li, and then add grimm or kiril, hansel or caedmon and BT or Colen

(unfortunately, I don’t have Gully, so I don’t really know how effective his heal is, so you might want to supplement him with kiril or BT).

With your roster, I would probably do something like:


But skittleskull attackdown is easily replaced with kiril or boldtusk, and slowing down mana is harder to replace and probably more powerful in this format. Also, with kiril tanking, you might want to discourage green, and put a second red in?

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Thats a good reasoning however i can stack red even a 3-2 red/blue and still have some kind of sucess against the 3rd option. I wouldnt double colours despite of yellow. So, personally, i would cut or Hansel or Caedmon from there. The tank and the flanks are ok.
I dont see Caed like a treat. I would fear more colen than caedmon for example. Dont forget that fast heroes dont benefit as slow ones from the rush clause


Team synergy is not my strong suit but Skittles attack down is in addition to Kiril’s defense up. As far as a double red, the only option I woild consider is BT or Sumle. Sumle doesn’t add anything defensively. Actually thought about a double healer with BT and Kiril but decided against it. Going to give it some more thought.

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Hear my battle cry…



2nd drafts, still not too happy with these:

Either way I’m gonna get attacked by a blue stack. Or maybe just forget about synergy and use the most emblemed heroes. :man_shrugging:

I realize, but Colen without emblems is just so damn squishy, and a blue stack would quickly destroy him before he ever gets a chance to do anything.

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