Zulag – 5* Dark/ Purple - October 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

So… has the initial thoughts on her changed? I did a few pulls at the Ninja summons for kicks and out popped Zulag. Should I level her or just hang on to her at 1/1 to feed into HA when I get it to 10?

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Just pulled her going for ninjas, not sure what to think. So far I think Mok ar is still in front of her for mats… I have zero tabards so a lot of time to wait and see lol

Zulag as a tank, see how she performs here:


Good video. Looks like you were just playing with your food. Unfortunately, Zulag creates no urgency as tank.


6 Zulags, 6 atm! My ■■■■ October luck…

I got her recently, not sure to take her beyond 3/70 (or 1/1 really). I wish she had an offensive component like reflect for her and neighbors or all allies or small damage to 3+mana drop.

You are absolutely right!

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Well, I just pulled her. Over 17 months streak without Hotm ended, what of course feels great, but I have mixed feelings cause I have sooo many purple healers (4x Rigard with costume 2 at +19, Aeron, MarieTherese and lastly Sabina, which never gets used anymore). My purple is like full of healers and not much firepower :laughing:.

On the other hand I have 22 tabards. I’m thinking of putting both Aeron and Zulag on my purple mono team, but idk really. Still Idk if I should use tabards on another purple 5* healer at all.

I have over 500 feeders in my TCs ready, but I think she isn’t an urgent need in my roster so I’ll just level her slowly to 3/70 and idk what then. Almost every other previous hotm I didn’t get would be a no-brainer, it would most likely go on max, but nah I had to get another purple healer with my current situation :sweat_smile:


Well kinda didn’t expect to pull her from the costume chamber. This marks the 2nd time I got an HoTM from this portal on my main. 1st one on my main was Noor.

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I got Zulag from the Ninja portal but I have C. Rigard, Rigard, Sabina and Kunchen x2 so I really don’t need a Dark HP Regen Healer, which I find a fair bit less useful overall than just straight up Healers.

However, all my other good Darks are already leveled and with Ninja Tower & Wars, I guess you can never have enough heroes which do some kind of heal.


I just got Zulag while doing some Valhalla pulls.

My hero academy will be maxed one of these days, maybe I’ll get a Lianna in exchange…or, you know, literally almost anyone else.


Zulag has no use. She is a heroine who will remain on the bench of the unlucky players who have her.


She would go from useless to ok if she gave the enemy some kind of ailment. Anything really…a little poison dot, defense down, attack down, even minor damage to all like 150%. As is she is a tile dump who doesn’t even help her whole team! Only neighbors! LOL!


Yeah I’m not happy that my long no hotm streak ended on Zulag. But I have 22 tabards and nothing better to max, so I’ll probably take her up just because of that reason.

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Is there even one in existence? “Special skill: gravel rash, 5% damage to all for the match. Undispellable.”

I want to see her paired up with Brynhild on the opposite flank.

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I will be in your place. I will wait until January 2021. There are a lot of events (Christmas, Halloween and others) that can give you some good darkness heroes. In the meantime, Rigard is much better and doesn’t cost tabbards.

It’s fine, I have excessive amount of tabards (22) and tomes (18). Maybe not as many d blades (5), but they will come. I’m going to wait a little, I don’t really hurry, but if I had 24 tabards, I’ll probably take Zulag up then.

My alchemy lab is not leveled and won’t be for some time, so I can’t throw some 4* mats which I have excessive amount of, for other ones that I have smaller amount (and it also cost gems, according to E&P wiki which makes me question, if I’ll ever use that transmutation).

My pulling luck is really bad, so I don’t have any expectations with pulls anymore. I have 17 Ehts which I’ll probably all use on Halloween (Francine would be the one I really want, cause I lack good greens, but Vanda isn’t bad either) in November and try for Glenda as well. The dark Victor doesn’t seem much useful to me, but with my luck I’ll probably get another underwhelming dark hero again.

Even though there is still Buddy/MN from Christmas event which would be nice too, but on the otherside Reuben looks underwhelming. There aren’t any dark 5*s in this event here at all, but I also badly need some good greens.

I’ll be able to do HA10 in a month or 2, but also no expectations there and I don’t think throwing hotm in there would be any beneficial. I have quite some S1 dupes to throw in there.

Sorry for writing an essay … :laughing:


I agree. She’s basically purple Kashkrek with two key differences:

1.) Kashkrek is a 4* S1 hero.

2.) Kashkrek can’t have his heal debuffed because it happens all at once.


Just got my 2nd one trying to get S3 heroes, she must be horrible!

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