ZERO - cooperative war strategy, 4100+ defence and depth needed, friendly

We hunt, we win, we grow! All flags in and have fun!

Competitive alliance with friendly atmosphere, cooperative war startegy. We are an international team across several timezones, mix of f2p and p2w. We like to discuss heroes and war strategies, and not afraid of experimenting.

Our war strategy is focusing on increasing point per flag, but leaves enough attack windows for everyone to bring in all flags, no need to set alarms middle of the night. War is won by teamwork, and cleanup is essentially part of it.

4100+ defense team needed.

We are part of the ZERO alliance family. Some people like to move to a sister alliance to relax or to meet new people, sometimes we have visitors from sister alliances wanting to try big titans or our war strategy. Our alliances have their own identity and growth pace, not feeders to the bigger alliances in the family. Common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun.

Come and check how we fight!

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Friendly and competitive team, exciting wars and 11-12* titans! Sign up for our waiting list!

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Looking for two war eager team mates with 4k+ defence team after the war. Line: silver_dragon-r or djlite247

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One spot available soon. 12* titan, cooperative war strategy. Our war opponents are all 4k+. LINE: djlite247 or silver_dragon-r.

1 spot after the war, ping me on Line if interested: silver_dragon-r

Tired of losing war on inactivity? Try an alliance with cooperative war strategy and full participation! 4100+defense team and depth needed. Friendly and supportive atmosphere.

2 spots available, friendly and competitive team

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