Your opinions on chatting apps – Discord, Line, Facebook?

I would like to know what would be better for chatting. Discord, Line or Facebook? Let me know yall opinions below.

I preferred Line because it had the functionality I wanted but was more intuitive.

It’s very similar to WhatsApp, which I used a lot.

Discord wasn’t bad, I just found it harder to navigate. I think it has lots of additional functionality above what I needed.

That being said, I got sick of the lot of them and uninstalled all my messenger apps. Which was highly liberating and I still enjoy it :grin:


Also, you could put the question in your thread title, so people know what it’s about :slightly_smiling_face:


I prefer phone calls myself, but I can only keep in touch with my kids through IM.


Ahh so it’s not just me then @nevarmaor? Cool, makes me feel better

We use Line @CantGetRightJustOnce, as @JonahTheBard mentioned it’s easier to use. Which in turn is much less intimidating to new members or ones who may be less than tech savvy.

I’m sure there may be something better out there but I haven’t found it yet. I’m sure you’ll get some suggestions here. Good luck!

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I updated the thread title to help with that. :slightly_smiling_face:


I like both Discord and Line.

Discord for big chat rooms imo is great. it takes some getting used to but I like how well it works at keeping separate categories for conversations and topics.

I like Line too for the simplicity, but IMO it’s better as a social tool and for smaller groups.

Facebook is a hot mess though. Posts get lost, groups get closed, and most recently I was told I wasn’t allowed to use it because they suspected that “Cozy Poo” isn’t my real name!!! :angry: I refuse to use software that treats the user like a product.


I’ve only used Discord and find it easy to navigate. I’m sure Line is similar. Like most of the world I use FB but honestly, I hate it.

I know some players feel they should have the right to spew whatever they feel like on this forum without censorship or moderators input. In that case, please use FB.

I’m no snowflake but I’m still shocked at how some people promote themselves on that platform … using their real names, too!


I have really only used FB because that is how i keep in contact with family and friends. The alliance I am in started up a group not too long ago. Am still running ideas in my head about what the group photo should be. I haven’t used line or discord but was wondering about those. I just wish I had more room on my phone. It is cluttered with screenshots from E&P and photos of Liara and FemShep fan art lol.

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My alliance only uses in-game chat. Ultra casual :laughing:
I’ve only used Discord in this forum and only used Line with the Ridiculous Pollsters.
I log in to Facebook about once every 2 years or so.

Wow, I’m antisocial :rofl:


Don’t worry @princess1, FB is starting to censor everything now.
You now get a warning if it might violate their ToS.

I got one the other day because I typed Oriental Express in a reply. “Oriental” was flagged as a possible “offensive term”. Didn’t know what else to call it so I just deleted my reply.


Non-occidental Express wouldn’t work?


Were you looking for the Orient Express?


Of course by my iPhone spell check refuses to recognize words I never use. It also knows better than me what I’m trying to say.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@PapaHeavy You can say your phone knows you better than you know yourself lol. :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m not technically inclined and find discord makes more sense to me than Line.

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I’ve used Discord for large chat rooms for various things, it’s works reasonably well. Not really for alliance communication in agame, but rarther as a forum type of thing where they dumped the forum and used discord for it.

FB is good for FB games or real world communication, that’s about it, I think.

Never used Line.

I hate all chatting apps. We use Telegram in our guild.

I think, despite being an outdated option, a webforum with a chat window is the most efficient way to keep in touch (unless you go out of gigas) this ways pics and all the info can be easily browsed.

It sure helps me sending emails sometimes!! I’ve learned to double check exactly what words it actually typed.

Although I just assume I got less than a “smart” phone?

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I prefer Line. Discord was not easy to figure out. Line has a lot of different things to use in Chats. You can do polls. And make announcements. They have stickers and themes for your chat … User friendly. JMO


That’s were I was coming from @Roxanna, IMO it’s much more user friendly. Mind you in my case, this user had a Commodore 64, and was a PONG master :wink:

I find that gaining new players and getting them to join a 3rd party social app to be difficult enough. Most times their heads are spinning from just how deep this game can be. So I prefer simplicity to extra functionality