Chat rules

am I allowed to ask the experienced chats, (LVL 20+) if anyone wants to join my alliance?

I don’t know that there are any rules against this, and I know people do it all the time. Many players find it to be obnoxious since there is a separate “alliance recruitment” chat. But, if you are chatting with others and ask if anyone is interested, I think that would be less irritating lol!! It’s those that are constantly posting/spamming that may get blocked or flagged.


Thank you very much !

I tried recruiting in there once and they threatened to report me for spam even though I only typed one message

thank you ! Yes , this happen ,me to

Technically NO, you can only use the AR chat for the purpose of recruiting according to the FAQ, here:

Under Community Guidelines, Do’s and Dont’s, Do #3:

“Use appropriate chat rooms. Use Alliance Recruitment chat for recruitment ads. Respect the language of each chat room.”


Thank you , very much

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