Your dupe - new heroes ratio

The past few weeks I was “fortunate” enough to pull a lot of 5* from different portals. Too bad that except for Lewena, they were dupes :triumph:

So, only in the last few weeks, I got:

  • 2nd Elizabeth
  • 2nd Poseidon
  • 2nd Baldur
  • Domitia *2
  • 3rd or 4th Horghall

New heroes:dupes - 1:6

What was your most significant dupe-pulling streak?


I got Fogg in back to back 10 pulls. GREAT hero, doubt I’ll need two but I’ll keep just in case.


I pulled two Vanda in two consecutive years. Fortunately, the second one came with a useful costume. Otherwise, my favorite all time hero seems to be Quintus. I can train, re-train him, pull him with gems or tokens with my eyes closed and one hand behind my back. I most likely got about 10 of them durig my E&P career.


Early in the game, once got two Panthers in the same 10x.

I have absolutely no idea how it happened or who I was wanting but I now have 5 morel

Maybe there is a morel to this story.


Save your gems


At the Top of My Head

My dupe 5* drop rate has trended between a whopping 40% to 50% for as long as I’ve been tracking, possibly longer. That means, for every ten non-S1, non-HOTM 5* I pull, four to five of them are dupes… :roll_eyes: & My drop-rates definitely don’t trend close enough to (or above) averages to compensate this fact :sweat_smile:

Examples Throughout E&P “Career” ~

  • Four Panther : Zero Other Guardian 5*
  • Six Master Lepus : Zero Killhare
  • Six Mok-Arr : Zero Kageburado
  • Two Agrafena : Zero Other Magic 5*
  • Three Mica : Zero Garnet/Ruby/Zircon/Quartz/Topaz/Peridot
  • Three Moreau : Zero Lepiota/Hannah/Morel/Passepartout/Phileas/Exeera/Russula
  • Two Elizabeth : Zero Zenobia/Octros/Prof/Aouda/Congalach/Lughaidh
  • Three Skadi : Zero Lord Loki/Baldur/Bera/Freya/Gefjon/Sif
  • Two Fenrir/Odin/Tyr : Zero Ratatoskr/Norns/Thor/Lady Loki/Salmon Loki
  • Three C. White Rabbit : Zero Alice/BK/Finley/Marie-Thérèse/Snow White
  • Two Hatter/QoH : Zero Arthur/MLF/Kestrel/Sargasso/PiB/Rumpel
  • Five Hel : Zero Delilah/Gregorion/Perseus/Grimble/Raffaele
  • Two Senan : Zero Saoirse/Caitlín/Cathal
  • Two Bobo : Zero Faline/Emilio/Eiora/Theobald
  • Two C. Sartana : Zero C. Kadilen/Lianna/Magni/Isarnia/Azlar/Elena/Vivica/Joon/Obakan/Justice/Elkanen/Horghall/Richard
  • Two C. Francine : Zero C. Vanda/C. Victor
  • Two Krampus : Zero Santa

Lol the odds are against this many dupes with this many missing heroes per portal, yet, here we are :sweat_smile:

Although, lately, the dupes I’ve been pulling - aside from S1/HOTM since they’re a given - have been related to costumes. As in, I previously owned the original hero, however, the costume itself was new. So while it’s better than pulling a full-on dupe, it’s not quite as exciting as getting, say, a brand, spanking new hero. A few recent examples:

  • C. Poseidon (#2)
  • C. Master Lepus (#6)
  • C. Gravemaker (#2)
  • C. White Rabbit (#2 & #3)
  • C. Athena (#3)
  • C. Mother North (#2)

Literally the only silver lining to non-S1 costumes. Or else, pulling these heroes for the zillionth time would just be another reason to feel annoyed :roll_eyes:


I’d have to narrow it down to one portal - the Costume Chamber.

2x C-Sartana
2x C-Joon

I’ve gotten an additional 2x C-Sartana from HA10 too (and no other costumes from HA10). :-1:


I guess I’m pretty lucky when it comes to pulling dupes, I’ve never pulled a dupe S2/S3/S4/Event hero as of yet. But I’ve pulled 2x costume Isarnia and costume Justice. Also HA10 has given me 2x Ares and a dupe Miki.

Not sure if HotMs count for this, but these I’ve pulled quite many dupes. From oldest to newest: 2x Noor, 2x Zulag, 2x Glenda, 3x Bertila, 2x Frosth, 2x Devana, 2x Alexandrine, 4x Hanitra, 2x Iris, 3x Zagrog.

So I guess the 4x Hanitra was my highest streak.


On the bright side, you got the good one. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


So far only Horghall and HotMs. Two Iris, two Silvaria. Guess I’m starting my stockpile of trade ins with those.

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I have seven. Seven Elena´s. Three of them gotten within the last two months, from event and Springvale.
So. Frustrating. :rage: :sob:


Last Underwild did 30 pulls with coins got 2nd and 3rd Fogg. This Vallhala did first 12pulls with coins - got 2nd Bera. Half hour before it ended l bought 2nd day offers, did 15 pulls with coins and got - 3rd Bera


This is the part of soul exchange that is frustrating. Those are all A+ heroes, but three of them isn’t needed. Plus you get the same credit in the Soul Exchange as you would for an Obekan. Maddening!