You don't see the pattern?

In raids if you are high in leaderboards your enemies get way better boards to beat you. If you are low, you get better boards to beat them. Its so obvious. So nobody can be forever in top high. Also this means boards are NOT random. They depends how low are you. Low=good boards, high=bad boards. This is same in tournaments. Suddenly you get boards with colour you don’t have if you are to high in leaderboards.


I figured out the boards aren’t random a couple of years ago. Too many coincidences to prove it’s not random.


It’s funny, I just see the game. I enjoy raiding and coordinating attacks in war. I love looking over my roster to see which heroes work best for the weekly tournament.

I’m not here to worry about some invisible man at Zynga pressing buttons to ruin my boards. Since randomness can never be proven or disproved, I choose to just love the game. I love helping my teammates improve and people on the forum who have questions.

So the boards may or may not be random, but attitudes aren’t random. I choose to just like Empires and Puzzles without filling people’s heads with unproven conspiracies.


I’ve played this game for years. It may seem like they aren’t, but the boards really are random. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes not. We mostly remember the times we got screwed by the board and not enough times when it gifted us a win. Now if we’re talking about the enemy hits, that I still proudly wear my tin foil hat. :laughing:


Who cares honestly. As long as you stay in diamond, that’s all I care about. Let’s be honest too. You could have a 5k power team and once you reach top 100 and you log off, you going to lose 200 to 300 cups in a matter of 5 min.


Well said Chad. Also you’ve got a great attitude towards this game.


I don’t see the pattern because I can’t see what boards my enemies get.


I see it as well…the machines aren’t to be trusted




Im at 18/20 in the current tourney - boards have not gotten worse and my skill hasn’t gone up to compensate. Same quality of boards as day 1.

I have been to world number 1 once. To get there I had to win 14 consecutive raids at the end vs top defenses as I kept getting revenge raided and my defense doesn’t hold up as well as others. I did it with the same level of skill and boards as I see and I show every single day I raid.

There is no hard mechanism to limit progress in this game. You are limited by the law of averages and by the cup system which naturally keeps you in the range where you belong. Of course nobody can be forever in top high because your defense gets opened up to a lot more people, who get a lot more cups for beating you and conversely you lose a lot more cups each time you are beaten.


I have also noticed that when you are higher in the leader boards you face opponents with much tougher heroes whereas when you drop well down the opponents tend to have less tough heroes.

Things that make you go hmmm …


Of course they can’t. In fact, that matrix source code is showing your sushi menu.

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I’ve seen a pattern in OP’s post. Unlike the boards, posts are not random.


Uh no, if the enemy team is from top 100, your board would never know how to fight it. I swear that whenever I fight top 100 teams, every board I have is like ■■■■

Yet there is an entire thread on the forum, with hundreds of boards recorded, that categorically proves the boards are random


Confirmation bias is a very real thing.

Each time you win, you revel in the fact and quickly disregard the board that got you there.

Each time you lose, you think “a-HA! I knew it! This is RIGGED!”.

It’s not a flaw, it’s human nature.

The only way you can check for realsies is to record a couple hundred (or better yet, thousand) boards with current cups/tourney results, count the favorable tiles on the opening board (or add tiles from the first X turns), put all of that into excel, and then count the average (perhaps, split by cup count and number of tourney wins?)

If you count the opening board, the more boards you record, the closer the colour average should come to 7 (35 tiles/5 colours). That’s how normal distribution works.


:thinking: Deciding its rigged seems like a lot less work?


You don’t see the pattern? Wake up sheep! Look here see it, SEE IT, the PATTERN.

I thought our common conspiracy theory is that the boards are ■■■■. And the higher I climb the worse the boards became?

BTW you mixed two things up

OK say some top 10 players in the leaderboard have around 3k+ cups. So whoever attacks them gets great boards you say.
I was there sometimes and I can guarantee you the boards are sometimes great, sometimes ■■■■ and most of the time just mediocre.

Now 2 sentences later you tell me this.
So what OP? To attack a top 10 player with say 3100 cups I most of the time must already be in the top 100, holding 2900 cups or so.
So in your first hypothesis you say I get good boards because I attack someone who is high in the leader board and your next hypothesis I get ■■■■ boards because I’m high in the leader boards.

What is this? Schrödingers boards? ■■■■ and great at the same time until I start playing and one or the other became reality?

I like a good conspiracy theory sometimes, but please the next time try not to contradict yourself in a post with not a dozen sentences. That makes the experience a little bit dull for me.
Good luck with your next post OP, I’m looking forward to reading it, always brightens my day. :slightly_smiling_face:


In fairness I forgot to review the vent.

It’s a 7/10 I think.

We had the common conspiracy about the boards being rigged. A solid start. Then we had a CAPITAL word for another point. I like that, it’s a classic after all.

But points deducted for it being a single paragraph when it could have have been broken up into 2 and no swears or calling SGG greedy or thieves.


Tbh I don’t know how the borads work no matter how much I try to understand it them more it just annoys me. All I know is I’ll hav a stretch of good luck then I’ll hav a stretch of bad luck then a long stretch of half and half then repeat lol.

Like ill raid and fail badly then another week I’ll raid and I’ll hav grate borads and hit top #1 been there a few times now just by using one team full mono colour sometimes 4/1 .

Are borads random… Yes

Is there a pattern to the randomness … Yes

Do I need skill… Yes to a point need to know how to shift tiles to your favour work the boards making vids and watching your moves will help you see where you went wrong and also yes you will get hit with absolute garbage where you will just fail.

You know what you think you experienced. Subtle but important difference