Stones' colour distribution is NOT random - MASTER Board Conspiracy

I experienced in raids that if I leave out one color of a hero - e.g. green - and add e.g. another yellow hero, the share of yellow stones is way beyond average and the amount of green stones is increasing…
So the computer/randomizer seems to take the setup of heroes into account in raids which from my perspective is totally unfair and should not happen.
I have a lot of videos to prove that. it is not a gut feeling.

I would be interested what the dev team of SGG says about this.
@Coppersky :slightly_smiling_face:

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I saw a pic this morning showing a wall of green, but I didn’t save it. Can you post one of your sample pics or videos? Would be helpful to see it happening, and the extent of it. :slight_smile:


sound about right. most of the time losing is the absences of the color I’m relying on


Not true I’ve raided with three blue heroes before and have had a sea of blue gems absolutely destroyed a team much higher than mine in seconds


I’ve had that happen on almost ebrry4board for 10* titans (not to mention low stun chances). Hit a 6* today and plenty of my doubled color were there. I also always seem to get a ton of my missing color.

2 factors I believe at work


2 confirmation bias i.e. I’m looking for that color and notice it misaing, notice a ton of the absent color as I’m aware of what is missing. I’m guessing if I took the time to count gems I would find a relatively even number over time.

My suggestion would be to view your videos and count the colors of gems after each move. You cpuld possibly be on to something (see apples recent admission of slowing old iphones) or you’ll find that it was your perception. Either way we would know.

I wpuld love to seet the results as this comes up regularly and it would be nice to have a definitive answer


In titan fights thats not the issue. I see that only in raids. I need to upload the videos, unfort. earliest after x-.mas

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will do after christmas


Interesting , titans is where it would have the largest impact

thats not 100% true. You can create some damage at least.
But if you setup your raid team to get rid of the opponents tank asap and there are a lot of stones from the color missing, then you a) loading the opponents heroes with no damage at all and b) have no chance to get rid of the tank and the color chosen is most of the time not so effective against the other heroes around


Uploading a few random screenshots of starting boards isn’t going to be helpful. With any random distribution, you’re going to get variance. You’d literally have to upload a thousand screenshots for data points to draw any sort of meaningful conclusion.


I have a ratio of 1 out of 20 raids where I get a normal amount of stones of the color I have more than one. And this is totally different in titans and normal farming

I still think titans are the biggest impact of board. You only have 90 seconds. A raid you can still plan counters and get other specials up. Plus cups are worthless. I dont see them installing a handicap on the most worthless part of the game. I could be wrong.

Please provide your data

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And provide some ungodly number of boards as proof. Even 20 or 200 is not enough.

Of the ballpark 2000 raids I’ve done, it’s all just random: some boards are fantastic some suck, and about in equal measure.

Sure it depends on the quality of their random board generator, it might be busted, but to claim that it’s intentionally broken to screw over the players is not only irrational it’s downright stupid from SG’s perspective: not only is it harder to do, it would erode the trust and confidence of the playerbase.

Occam’s Razor applies… and clearly sometimes the good times roll:


(admittedly this is probably one of the two best boards I’ve ever gotten even if it was just yesterday, but so much win)

I don’t think OP was accusing SG of intentionally skewing the boards.

I was startled by the green board I saw this morning, and let me say that is the ONLY board like that I’ve ever seen, so I think RNG is definitely at play. :slight_smile:

I posted this (linked below) that I feel sheds some light on this issue.

I think there’s a form of confirmation bias going on here (or at least an anti-confirmation bias). You are fielding 2 of a colour (or 3). So you are looking for a board that has that colour. When you see a board that has a paucity of that colour (which is actually statistically more likely than not) you feel like ‘the system is against me’.

So, to make the case that the system really is against you, you not only have to post all the boards in which your strong colour is not prevalent (and to make the case, they need to be not prevalent for the entire duration of the encounter)… but also post the cases where they are prevalent for you (on the same basis). You then need to determine if the proportion of the time in which they were strongly prevalent vs. not prevalent is at odds with the normal distribution of this. (Good luck with that).

I expect you’d have a hard time gaining conclusive proof. Why? Because really you only expect every 5th layout that is strong in any 1 colour on average to happen to be strong in ‘your’ colour. How often do you get a board obviously strong in any 1 colour? Not very. But only 1 in 5 of those rare beasties (on average) will be the colour you are looking for. (And any board strong in a colour other than the one you want will attract your attention and make you feel it is unfair).

And now the other (probably more important) factor: If you are tripling in a colour, what are you going to do the first time you see any of that colour that you can match? You use it. And what do you do with the 2 other colours that don’t score you points? You leave them. So what happens over time? You denude the board of the colours you ‘like’ and leave an excess of the colours that are useless to you. When you see this built up accumulation after a time it is easy to think “The game is cheating me. I only see colours that are of no use to me”).

Been there, done that. This is why I’m pretty sure (in my mind at least) that fielding more than 2 of a colour will ultimately prove to be a frustrating strategy.


I don’t know the reason, nor the answer, but I know of that which you speak. I call them ‘bastoards’. Note not only the lack of yellow, but the abundance of red and blue. RNGesus demands a sacrifice :wink:

I should point out that I agree with Talisax’s interpretation. RNG and confirmation bias are the most likely answers. I don’t believe in ‘luck’ or put much thought into conspiracy theory. After all, it would take extra coding for a developer to intentionally skew random generation by factoring in hero colors and party consistency. It’s much more logical that we see what we are looking for, and pay no heed to normalcy. It’s how we, as humans, interpret what we see as unlikely in random encounters. We tend to moan at misfortune and take better-than-average for granted. This is not in any way meant to be denigrating to the original poster. I’m just pointing out flaws in general human brain interpretations as witnessed by psychological study. Case in point: The very next attempted raid was much more favorable and I won handily.

That being said, ‘bastoards’ are real, and they haunt my dreams. If the developers happened to say that they have done some tweaking to the RNG, I wouldn’t be completely shocked. I would probably be a bit relieved :sweat_smile:


Yowza! That board would be hard pressed to be worse!


Heh, that’s why I virtually never bring 3x one color on a raid; less chance of getting board-screwed and less time to fix the board (talking turns) than titans.


@Rook: i cannot upload any videos here. So pls have a look at the links

These are typical examples how fights look like at least in my battles. I have 1 out of 20 where I get enough stones of my strong color to defeat the tank. Of course I win fights in other ways mit combos of other colors I have to load my specials but this is a generic experience.

And of course it is not “accusing” SGG, it is pointing out that I think that the randomizer DO consider your team setup.
I experience the same at my twink.
If I have all colors in my attack team a very few times I also experience that some colors are not coming but this is really rare
I am very sensitive in this topic so I look very carefully in the fights


Well first off, let’s be honest: the bulk of my fights every day are against Titans (limited to 6 maximum a day), or Campaign where I typically auto-fight lower levels to farm for goodies…not Raid. (I have not personally noticed the phenomenon during either Titan or Campaign.)

  1. First video (Grimm + Magni) showed four blue tiles at the beginning, up to a maximum of 12 during cascade late in the fight.

  2. (Boldtusk + Mariana) showed 2 red tiles in the beginning and did not rise above 6. (And Mariana was dead virtually the moment the reds hit 6).

  3. (Grimm + Magni again) started with 6 blues, dropped to 3 and oscillated between 3 and 6 for the rest of the fight.

My reaction: RNG. I know it’s annoying, but 3 samples do not a pattern make. (In fact, the third sample does not even follow the example of the first two.)

I know it is very tempting when seeing a similarity in a small data sample to think a pattern is emerging, but RNG is king here, and has been since before I started playing in April (though you can look for the argument about “black dogs”, for me not accepting RNG back in the day.) :wink:


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