XTREME PANDA - 14-Star Titans, Top-10, Fast War Chests!

Line: NittanyLionRoar
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/HjJhSae

Xtreme Panda is looking for you if you or your friends are ready to be in an elite alliance! We are a friendly and encouraging alliance and we have high performance standards to become elite. If you crave that push to the top, request to join…we’re consistently a top 10 alliance when full!

I would be glad to answer any questions you have and look forward to hearing you. Thanks!

100th War Win!


Join our discord let us know you interested in joining extrem pandas

Join our waiting list let us know in discord you want to join the extreme family we have a sister alliance you can join also

Hi all ! If you’re looking for and awsome family, come check out the extreme family!get on the waiting list for extreme,panda’s top 100 alliance,the sooner the better! Or come join our sister alliance extreme ninja Cub. If your just starting out our training alliance is extreme warriors.

Hey everyone, we’re currently top 25! Reach out to me to join our waitlist…especially if you’re tired of losing wars and letting titans go!

Hey everyone come check out extreme pandas

Hey everyone still time to join the wait list and let us know your interested in joining

Come join extreme pandas discord and have a chance to get on our waiting list possibly a chance to get in alliance after war let us know if your intrested

We have one spot open come check us out sends a message in pandas recruiting on discord

Reach out to me if you want to be in line to join a rising, top alliance! We just hit top 20 today.

Hey everyone come reach out to us if your intrested in getting on out waiting list

Still time reach out to me or lion on discord if you would like to join our waiting list

Join us if you’re ready to be elite! We have a rare spot open…join before next war.

All spaces are full, but we have a short waitlist going for whomever wants to get in line to be in a top alliance. Reach out to me with the contact info in the original post!

Hi everyone just letting you know we are taking names for people to join our waiting list let us know your interested you can contact us on discord whitch is at the top of the page in our add

Shot you a PM on Discord Nittany, wasn’t sure the best way to reach out.

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Come join our wait list join our discord and reach out

@frathoss we have a rare spot open for you…I reached out to you on discord. For anyone else if you’re interested we’re shuffling a couple of people around over the next few days so you may not need to wait long to join us. Reach out to me!

We have a spot open for someone who can meet the requirements if you think you do please reach out to me or lion on discord

There was a spot open, so I left my alliance and tried to join. In that couple minutes it got filled it looks like @NittanyLionRoar @f.i.g.j.a.m

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